Monday, September 22, 2014

#7 looking for me?

Looking for me? Gosh, I haven't had time for anything.  My friends are taking up my time talking about issues. Or maybe it's the girl in my life. Either or... 

I met this girl at school a while back, and recently we started meeting for coffee, one time, she put a bug in my ear for movies. Next thing I know it, I sent her a text to go see a movie, and dinner... 

She's Christian, she's a farm gal and loves family! What better to have a girlfriend that loves what I love. It's not official yet, but I'm pretty sure we will be a great couple. 


Thursday, September 4, 2014

100 Day challenge day #4

DAY #4

So here's a short one. I will create an actual one that has a meaning.

But I realize I passed 50 posts thats more then my Teenagers Life blog and I believe more posts then my previous blog. 
So I want to thank all my views. As I said that this isn't going to be a long one

Tomorrow will post will include what I am up to. Like a book I'm going to writing. And a bit on Camping etc.

Enjoy your night/morning