Friday, February 22, 2013

New Website

Hey all,

I'm throwing this out there. My website has changed. You can visit it at

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Hey everybody,
I Brought this up  in my last blog. So I'm bringin up again.....

Should I start vlogging? As in posting videos instead of typing? or a mix?

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Life 9?

Hey all,
9? wow. I haven't done anything else other than Life posts. Which I should be.

I have been overwhelmed myself with things to do. It's completely sad. I started researching a breed of chicken I want. Housing, marketing, etc to go with it. With housing, I'm going to build pallet coops, two of them hopefully. I'm working on my plans now.

We've also moved the Turkeys, ducks and spike the peacock into the same shed. Out of the chicken coop and barn. Which they love their new shed, which is bigger. My dad and I will be working on nest boxes tomorrow for them.

I've also have been blessed last week with twenty-three chicks from my chicken flock :D Their in the house, I've sold five of them already and have a few more called for. I have forty-two more eggs in on day nine I believe. All forty-two eggs are fertile and are developing. So excited. I'm looking into a new incubator, something like a ova-easy 190. As my incubator won't be able to handle all turkey, duck and chicken eggs.

I've also applied at Walmart yesterday, I managed to get called on the same day and get a interview today. Great news, I got the job WOOT! I'm so excited to go to my next chapter of work.

Well, I think I'll leave you with your question and call it. I'm working on videos, websites etc.... You'll see me very shortly.

Should I get back to posting more than one post?

Till next time,

Friday, February 15, 2013

I may possibley be the first breeder!!!

Hello all,

Great news :D I saw a breed of chicken in the McMurray catalog, Silver Leghorn. Which There is no breeder for them in Canada.
I got confirmation that a company will order them for me. Me, possibly being the first breeder in Canada with these birds :D SO EXITED!!!

There goes my sleep tonight!!!

Tomorrow I have a lady coming to pick up chicks though. Wish me luck on my new adventure, more information coming later on :D

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life 8

Wow, Busy busy busy... I'll make this a short one for this week.

I'm working on a video, I know I always say that.... But this time its true. To prove that Brown Leghorns isn't flighty. Join the movement, email me :)

The Ducks are good, I'm expecting them to lay at any moment now. I'm working on a shed, and pens for all turkeys, ducks and my peacock. Looking to add to my stock. I was actually thinking on getting a rose comb Brown Leghorns... and breed both rose and single comb.

Wednesday is hatch day for  30 eggs. I'm super excited, as I have a few orders to fill. I just got my first crack, and some eggs are rocking... =D so excited!!!! I'm also going to be ordering some legbands from the states. Which I'm excited to do, I'll be telling my neighbour as he's been works on a way for his Riddley bronze turkeys.

Yesterday, My sister and I got to video chat with some old neighbours of ours.. wow have they all grown up. I'm excited to have more conversations with them, maybe meet up with them some time.

Well, No question for this week... A week off any questions.

Till next time,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy week!

Wow, busy week. I've already had pre-booking for next week hatch filled. With room to squeeze. I'll have chicks to sell after, but I don't want to push pre-booking too far. Pre-booking March 8th hatch will be opening, so I know how many eggs to throw in.

The turkeys have been a pain. Getting out and me getting them and the knocking stuff down. But they still great. My new horse is doing great. Her name is Teyla. Not broke, and wants to learn. Although she's very skittish, she  seems not to like men. Although I was able to walk up to her and walk her around.

I've been working on my website a bit more. Updating and everything. Taking new pictures, and switching the old for the new. I'm also getting some emails on adding reviews on articles. Which I'm working on that for here. With some other posts, and advertisement.

My brother and dad have been working on the jeep since its broken down. We have company coming over tomorrow. Life moves fast, when your having fun!!!

Well I'll leave ya at that!!!!
I have a video I'm working on, will share with you shortly!

Till next time,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life 7

Oh my gosh, this week went fast! Sorry all for not blogging alot lately. I've been busy working on details for getting work, getting turkeys and we picked up a horse today. So visiting, planning and working on a fenced area was needed.
So here's a little update on my life.

This weekend I cleaned the chicken coop, and spent two hours cleaning then putting new straw in. The chickens love it! They layed eight beautiful white eggs today, and one is a double yolker. I cleaned the duck pen, they wanted fresh water again to have one of the girls blow bubbles in it. I wish I got that on camera though. Although, the ducks did get he bedding wet again.

Today is my Grandfathers birthday, sadly, he passed away six years before I came around. But I wish he was around as I've been told he's one remarkable guy. Yesterday I started reading Me To We again. Stopped on Chapter three, Now on chapter four, Very amusing. Hearing stories. I'm still planning a mission trip, when is the matter though. Today, as I said, we got a new horse. Very nice horse, roughly four to seven years old. Willing to learn, but is a bit stubborn. We're deciding a name as she doesn't come to her name now. Or respond in any way.
Tomorrow, My dad and I are picking up eleven turkey's. We got told that three have mutant coloured feathers, so she's selling them as meat instead of breeding. But a win for us, for we found out its an actual breed :) More on the horse, and turkeys later on.

My Relationship life? It's not going anywhere. My friendships are gladly growing, as I talk to more people, and I find myself more social than ever now, since using this blog, and my other blogs.Which is great. Just Saturday, I went over to a neighbour's to be pulled on a sleigh thing by a horse, so much fun.  Oh talk about Saturday, I went over to my other neighbours, to move turkey's to breeding pens, and to install a new part to replace one for his incubator. That was fun. NOT!!!

My life is falling into place, yet it saddens me to see myself, dying to have someone to call my girlfriend. Luck for me, eight-teen years, never had a girlfriend. On good record so far.

Well, I guess I'll leave you with that, other than your question for the week:

If you were to live anywhere, where would you move to?

Till next time,