Monday, February 11, 2013

Life 8

Wow, Busy busy busy... I'll make this a short one for this week.

I'm working on a video, I know I always say that.... But this time its true. To prove that Brown Leghorns isn't flighty. Join the movement, email me :)

The Ducks are good, I'm expecting them to lay at any moment now. I'm working on a shed, and pens for all turkeys, ducks and my peacock. Looking to add to my stock. I was actually thinking on getting a rose comb Brown Leghorns... and breed both rose and single comb.

Wednesday is hatch day for  30 eggs. I'm super excited, as I have a few orders to fill. I just got my first crack, and some eggs are rocking... =D so excited!!!! I'm also going to be ordering some legbands from the states. Which I'm excited to do, I'll be telling my neighbour as he's been works on a way for his Riddley bronze turkeys.

Yesterday, My sister and I got to video chat with some old neighbours of ours.. wow have they all grown up. I'm excited to have more conversations with them, maybe meet up with them some time.

Well, No question for this week... A week off any questions.

Till next time,

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