Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Break

Hey all,
Just letting you know that I'm behind in posts. As I'm just finishing my Christmas week. I'll be back to mosts by Sunday. As I got a video editor. And hopefully going to be working on a video or two tomorrow and post it.

My Break it awesome, I'm still in school for only this semester. So my break started on Friday and runs to the 7th. Which allows me time to spend on the farm, birds, study for my finals. All the animals are great. The chickens are still laying and staying warm in this -20 to -30 weather. The Peacock is as well keeping warm. The ducks are great.... my cats decided that they would love Peking duck for supper. But the Ducks put that cat in its place. The Cats are getting needy as it gets colder, they need more food. Which is given. The horses are now getting put in the barn, and are getting fatter.

So, my parents and I sat down to discuss the future of the birds. It's amazing what my parents think. Plans are to start a breeding farm. We're going to be adding Pehens, more ducks, more chickens and add turkeys. We're going to sell eggs and meat.With selling the Peafowl when their 2 years old. With any extra birds will be sold, either through my website, forum or at bird sales. Well thats sorta a plan. We'll see.

Well I'll let you go. Bye for now,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life 2.0

I'm up late like usual. I'm thinking to myself, Who I am? How can I be this? Why did I want to do this? As I was asking myself these questions. I felt a tug, how can I fall in love with somebody? How can that person feel the same? How can I chance on who I am? I've changed myself already, why can't I do it again and again?

You see, I'm not a normal person, I have no idea what to do in life. I feel like God is telling me to do this, yet I feel God telling me something totally different. If I didn't mention this before, I got told of opportunity, that I could be working with a vet. Which felt like a dream come true. God opens up a door for me. Yet to be closed shut in my face. Yet I'm confused I get pulled one way, yet to be pulled another, like a huge tug-a-war game. Which it feels like its leaving me emotional and scared. How do I know which path to take? I love animals, I love thinking of ideas, yet I'm terrible at Science, English and Math. To which closes most of my doors.

I've worked in many places. Like Timmies, babysittng in houses and Tv Stations. I've worked at McDonald's, an Ice Cream parlor. Yet I hate it all, other than the babysitting, that was fun. I don't like how the world is going, yet my generation is supposed to be the generation of change. Yah, I see the change alright, lazy, living off parents and acting stupid. Yet how can anyone change them? Change them, change the world.

Yet that still doesn't answer my questions. How can I myself answer these questions of mine? I dn't know how to answer them, I guess I'd answer them as my life moves on. I need to figure out what I want to do. If it's in the work field, or working from home. My life after high school is just around the corner. And To me..... time is running short.

My Weekly question:

So, I'm starting this question thing, I post a question a week, you either comment, or you can keep it to yourself.

How can a person go forward through life, if that person doesn't know what to do?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life 1.5

Well, I'd like fill you into my life, as it is the end of the week. I like sharing my life. My life should be open. Isn't that the way God likes it? Although he doesn't need a social network update to see how your life, or even mine. Anyway, as I said before, this week has been a busy one. The weekend was just the same. Although I got to talk to more people this weekend, than normal.

I didn't go to church, as there were household chores that needed to be done, that we needed everybody for. My dad went to Calgary and Carstairs with my cousin. Which my dad needed that day to relax. Friday, my sister went to a school ball. Right now my life seems really boring. I had a whole post planned, but as I was writing. It suddenly vanished from my mind.

So next week, I'm starting up a new way to think of my birds. I'll be updating my website yet again. Yet I think I'm going to add more info, new photo's. I want to add new, and recent pictures all the time, and use recent, instead of using the same pictures all the time. I'll be posting dates when the pictures have been changed. What my ideas are for the birds. That's my thought on that.

Till next week,

Duck Adventures 2.5

Well my last post of the Duck adventures for the week. What an amazing week it has been, although I've hardly spent time with them its going to be thrilling working on them next week.

Today, I've been researching on pekin ducks, since my ducks feet are a orange-yellow colour, and th bills are a pale pink. Which I found out what they could be, But I'm mixing them up. Although my ducks are still young, they could be either or. I'm going to be talking to a Duck experts this week on what they think, and advice.

Now next week I'm going to be cleaning their stalls, working on the duck house, and spend more time with them. I'm their Mama/papa duck, so I want them to like me. I'll be filming my process.... Hopefully posting it at the end of next week.

See ya Next week,

Coming soon!!!!

Hey guys,
So I'm going to tell you what I'm working on this week. I'm looking for a Video editing program. As an idea I'm taking from my last blog that I didn't do. Well, I'm working on it. What is it you may ask? Well its vlogging. Well video's I'll be taking from here and there, editing.

How is it going to fit around my 'Life' and the 'Duck Adventures' posts? Well, you'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to ruin the surprise.

I'm thinking on making a few more different posts. But I'll leave it at a  thought so I'm not going to break promises.

So, Till we Chat again,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Life 1.0

Ah, My life, how busy it has been lately. This week alone as left me leaving my care for my birds on my mom and my sister. As Monday was basically the only day that I've had free, yet I was getting ready for this busy week. Tuesday, I went with my school to the West Edmonton mall (WEM). It was an amazing trip. As I wasn't able to spend alot of money, the trip alone and being with my friends was great. On Wednesday, I took my nephews home, as they were at my house from Friday to Wednesday. It was a great trip, seeing my sister and my Brother inlaw.

Thursday was supposed to be a trip to Operation Christmas Child's warehouse to organize the boxes before sending them off. Although, we didn't get that far as the jeep over heated. So we found our way back home, then headed into town in my Sister inlaw-to-be's car. We shopped a bit, then headed to pick up my brother. Today was suppose to be my relax day. Yet it wasn't that, We headed back into town to do more shopping. Wow, my family can shop til they drop.

Wednesday was also a sad day, twenty-one years ago, my big brother entered the world. A month later he died of SIDS. We honour this day as Cupcake day. As my mom didn't want to bake a cake, yet we didn't want to just forget him. So we buy or make cupcakes and sing happy birthday.

Well, a busy week, I'll try to make another post shortly.
Bye for now.

Duck adventures 2.0

 Ah, what an amazing week, watching them grow. The ducks have been growing, their feet are finally starting to look what their suppose to be. Their completely on Duck Grower, and have fresh water 24/7, with acess to feed 24/7. They were moved from one stall in the barn to the other, about a week ago, and yet I need to start thinking about their future home.

The second chicken coop is going to be worked on this weekend and ready for them for next week. Their Thirty day quarantine is over on the twenty-third, as the're finished fifteen of the thirty. I'm thinking on adding them to the second chicken coop next week, that way the shalls dont get that dirty anymore. I'm hoping to add alot more pictures, But enjoy these old pictures.