Sunday, March 11, 2018


Hey everyone,

To recap on what I said last post, I want to start vlogging. I know quite a few people are doing it. The reason why I have decided to do so, is I'm getting a puppy. So I want to view back once he's older to see how he has grown, or when I have kids of my own to look back on. Even with a future dog, to view on how I trained or something.

So today, I'm picking out and editor, I've heard really good things about Filmora, So its the one I decided to download. It is free, but sadly, there will be a watermark, unless you pay for a licence. Which I will be doing this week. I think this is a great idea and investment. Specially for something towards what I've been wanting to do for quite some time.

I will be posting the videos in here as well, but to keep an eye out, follow the link below.


FB Gardening 
FB Animals

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Future

I want to appologize for not being pro active in posting. Life has been quite busy, and it will be remaining that way.

I have an idea of what I want start doing in the next month. I hope that you will join me on this journey!


Vlogging has been a huge thing on youtube recently. Ive been thinking about doing this for a while now.
With something being added in my life. A new member, I thought Id vlog it. So I can see how life and how fast with growth and training goes.
My plan is to use youtube as my host, and link it to here.

Ok, ill say what a big change is in my life. I am...
Getting a puppy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Catch up...

Hello Everyone,
It's been quite a bit. I have had lots happen in the short period of time I have been away.

Um, lets see what did I end off with in my posts? Ah yes... the Cookie jar.

Well, I did fix whatever issues I do have with my grandma. I still decided that limited contact with her is what I still need. As I don't want to be overwhelmed in her presents. I did actually go to Ontario on a business trip. Did some family visits, as well as a few friends. Including my 86 year old grandmother.

Um, What else..... I'm now working full time with my father. Which is an amazing oppertunity, def better than working at Dairy Queen as a supervisor. better hours, pay and working on benifits. What do I do? I am Human Resources, I hire, fire and deal with people.

I do plan on going to Africa in January. ticket is booked. I'll also have a bit more info on what the trip will look like, and what I am looking forward to. What I expect on the trip. Then I will do one after my trip on what I did for me.

Sorry for the short post. But I guess some post is better than none at all.

Until next time,

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Cookie jar

Growing up, did you ever reach into the cookie jar and either two things happen. There aren’t any cookies, or your mom smacks your hand? Telling you its too close to dinner and you will spoil your supper, or that you did something wrong. Told you only way to get that cookie is to fix that issue, to repent to what you did wrong. That’s been me these past two weeks.

How do I start…. Well guess I’ll start with the hand smacking. I’ve lived in this town for two plus years. I wasn’t a social person to begin with. Most would blame the fact I was homeschooled. I never give myself the opportunity to make those friends. In previously, I told you about how in my former relationship, I pushed away majority of my friends. Due to the fact of that relationship I was in. After it ended, I never felt so alone. I filled my time with more family. Which is what they are here for, and also the friends that I made in the mean time; or those who decided to hold on to me. No matter what I went through. I started to go to church more. Either my ACC (Alliance Community Church), or my parents. But I was missing something. I started to talk to my fellow youth pastor (mentioned in other posts), about what the young adults are doing. Sadly, its summer and they are off doing their own things. I kept my heart and ears open to whatever is open, or God pushes my way. To which he lead me to a launch men’s life group for the summer.

There, I met a few others in the same boat. Don’t have those friends, Christian, and wanting to grow. Sounds perfect right? I went from in the corner of the couch minding my own business, to sharing memories, sharing life. A guy even cried, and it’s the first meeting. We are doing a 33 series curriculum. I think it’s the right path for me to do. After the meeting, I was sitting at my table, the book beside me. Praying about what path God wants me to take. To which is where my hand smacking comes in…. For me to move on, and grow from this series; I need to completely repent, fix my issues with those who I do. This happens to be my grandma. I haven’t talked to her since… um, her birthday February.   Due to things that were said, and done. Two days feeling this. How do work to correcting this? By the time I feel I am prepared to do so, Its already too late Alberta time. Let alone whatever ungodly hour it is in Ontario.

Well, I think, tomorrow I’ll just call her. Get it over and done with. I’ll share with you all on how the conversation goes. I won’t go into full details, but some is better than none.

Till next time,


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shall we?

Hello everyone,

It's been a couple weeks since my last post. I've been fairly busy. Which is good. Keeps my mind off stuff.

Guess I will share what's happened. I've decided to get rid of a few things my girlfriend gave me. Also, I'm on a online dating site. Talked to only a few women there. But it's a start, and it's a bit of fun.

I've been thinking since I have a bit more time now, I may reopen up my challenge. Posting for 100 days. I want to see if I can do it. If I can work hard on content as well as staying on top of the days compared to last time.

Guess I'll cut it short since it's quite late. Until next time.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


When you hear about lust, you think automatically about sex, right? It’s said that a guy thinks of sex every four seconds. I can’t tell you if that is completely true. I do think of other thinks as well, but sure enough I do think about sex, and a lot of it! I remember my first lustful moment; I was too young to feel… a happy end full result of those moments. That’s what lust is, moments. Recently I talked to my friend Pastor Owen about lust, and feeding into it with my memories of my Ex, Kira. Now for me, I prefer not to talk about moments, or my sexual experiences with my family. Which I mentioned to Owen, His response to my question is helpful, yet challenging.

Let’s call lust over Kira a weed, actually let’s call all lust a weed. So We have life, aka our garden, full of fruit and veggies. It’s beautiful, but you look down and you see a weed. You pull and pull on this weed and you pull off the greens with a bit of the root. Sometimes that root can use its energy to create a new plant. So even though that you got rid of one problem, just another popped up. A continuous cycle of you plucking the same weed, but also different head growth; how can you rid of the true problem? By digging out the root, it’s hard to fight it! Even the holiest men in the bible fought lust, wither it’s a sexual lust, or a materialized lust.

How will I fight the weed problem? Well, I have to wait for it to rain to soften up these roots to pull it out. I know what is wrong; I know why I lust, boredom, and loneness, just two of the many more reasons. As I wait for the rain to come, I will just have to keep trying to pluck the heads. Hoping that either the rain comes or an easier head. I will pray to get rid of Kira out of my head, to forget those memories. To remove all lust from my life, to be cleansed. As I wait, I will work on not to think of Kira, both in those moments but also throughout the day.

Until next time,

Monday, June 12, 2017

Word Vomit! (Update on Moving on)

Ever had those times that when your talking to someone that things you wanted tell that person, but never had the chance to. When you actually do, it comes out all at once! You forget what you say, how you said it and their response? Yup that happened to me this past Sunday.

Hello everyone,
Yes, I'll get to my story on how my word vomit issue came up. But for our new comers, I do have to say that this is apart of a new series that I'm doing. So you may have to scroll down and read previous posts, or click on the titles: 'Moving On' and second 'Throwing Out'.

So in my last post, I mentioned about planning on talking to my pastor. Which I been wanting to do for quiet sometime now. I go there to talk to one of the four there, it's usually bad timing, or I don't have time to go there. I actually waited for an email from one as well. You have been finding out that my family is a bit crazy. Trust me you aren't wrong, lots of crazy wacky family drama. Which some may believe that it has helped with the feeling of my ex. It doesn't, I can guarantee that! It's been clouding me so I can't deal with it properly, its been to much for me.

So now, lets get back to the main topic. WORD VOMIT! I went to church this past Sunday, and I talked to the youth pastor about the upcoming service I was going to sit in, as well as his kids that he was watching running around. They had an issue with some video playing audio and not both in the first service, to which happened in the second, thankfully they were able to fix it. After the service, I went to the youth pastor and started talking to him that he figured it out etc. He then had a feeling to ask 'How is life?' So I started going off on about what life has started to look like this week, moving (How exciting) and my garden. Then I hit the surface of my issues and it came out. All at once, from my sister, to my ex and trying to work it out in my brain. He talked it over with me briefly, prayed with me and for me. Then sent me on my way, I felt so peaceful, nothing clouded me, that I actually forgot my jacket.

Since then, those topics I shared haven't bothered me. But I'm still up at night thinking, over what might be keeping me connected to my ex. Something so powerful for some women, but mainly for all men. Lust! And that will by my next post. How I will be working my way through that issue, or maybe just what I'm going through.

Until then, See you all and God Bless!