Saturday, June 17, 2017


When you hear about lust, you think automatically about sex, right? It’s said that a guy thinks of sex every four seconds. I can’t tell you if that is completely true. I do think of other thinks as well, but sure enough I do think about sex, and a lot of it! I remember my first lustful moment; I was too young to feel… a happy end full result of those moments. That’s what lust is, moments. Recently I talked to my friend Pastor Owen about lust, and feeding into it with my memories of my Ex, Kira. Now for me, I prefer not to talk about moments, or my sexual experiences with my family. Which I mentioned to Owen, His response to my question is helpful, yet challenging.

Let’s call lust over Kira a weed, actually let’s call all lust a weed. So We have life, aka our garden, full of fruit and veggies. It’s beautiful, but you look down and you see a weed. You pull and pull on this weed and you pull off the greens with a bit of the root. Sometimes that root can use its energy to create a new plant. So even though that you got rid of one problem, just another popped up. A continuous cycle of you plucking the same weed, but also different head growth; how can you rid of the true problem? By digging out the root, it’s hard to fight it! Even the holiest men in the bible fought lust, wither it’s a sexual lust, or a materialized lust.

How will I fight the weed problem? Well, I have to wait for it to rain to soften up these roots to pull it out. I know what is wrong; I know why I lust, boredom, and loneness, just two of the many more reasons. As I wait for the rain to come, I will just have to keep trying to pluck the heads. Hoping that either the rain comes or an easier head. I will pray to get rid of Kira out of my head, to forget those memories. To remove all lust from my life, to be cleansed. As I wait, I will work on not to think of Kira, both in those moments but also throughout the day.

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