Monday, December 16, 2013

That time of the year again

It's come that time of the year again. Not just Christmas time, but also hearing marks on finals of all my friends in college. A depressing time of the year. I hate it. I've never been there yet wanting to go. I'm a 2012 grad and no college or uni experience. I wanted to go this year, but my boss got in my way. Not allowing me time to apply. The year before, I never had the money to. Since I was camping from April to July. Yes, I came down a mountain to celebrate my life of 13 years of school finished. 

Sorry a quick rant. And a quick post. 

Till next time, 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Do you know what's interesting on life. No matter how hard you squeeze it's lemons, you never have enough juice to make lemonade. 

As most people already know life doesn't go the way you plan. I have a few points to this. Job wise, career or also know as school wise, parent wise, and finally friends and young love. It's  fastening how life remodels things. Opens and closers doors. Yet how can a young man like myself and many of my views survive. 

It's amazing how a job can be very toxic, yet sometimes feel like its the best thing since slice of bread. I've been working for my boss since the beginning of April. Yet the beginning it was fun. My boss has used our friendship for his advantage. Waiting for pay periods to pass, to pay me the longest I've had to wait is a month and a half to finally get paid one pay period. 
He threatens,telling me if I fuck up one thing, he'd kill me, hit me or a few others. Sometimes if I messed up he'd hit me with his fist, hand and/or watering cans. Some people wonder why I'm still working for him after months of this abuse. Truly, cause I think he'd never pay me what he owes me, it would ruin my parents and his relationship as neighbours. 

Some people when they leave high school know exactly eat they want to do/be. Sadly, I very truly thought want I actually wanted to be till it was so late. I fucked up both my high school, and my future in many ways. Every time I want to apply I very have the money due to not get I g paid on time and everything backing up due to having late pay periods. 

Parents, they're parents no matter what I say, or do. It will never change them. Sometimes you just have to live with them the way they are. Unless your me, where I have them in my hands.

No matter how I try to make friends it always comes crashing down. Weighed they want me to buy their car, want me to spoil the hell oh of them or other things. Or even worse, your crush has a crush on you yet keeps you in the friend zone. 
Truly, I've been burned, for here's through mind games of love. And boy do I tell you this. It's a real turn off of girls. But life has to many girls, I'm finally looking for a woman. Time will be coming when I actually need a woman, settle down and have kids, or just travel. 

But it is getting late, till next time, 
Noah M 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sleeping away from house and home

A lot of you have figured its always hard to sleep away from house and home. Even if your 5 minutes away from your house. It always seems difficult. 
I recall a few years go when my sister and I would sleep over at my neighbors. And I'd never sleep. Anytime I slept over at their house, I just couldn't sleep. Also reminds me of a time in Ontario, we were moving and my parents thought it best for my sister and I to sleep over at our friends which is a dear family friend. 
Yet after attempt after attempt I just couldn't fall asleep. Yet I eventually did. 

I still have problems, at my sisters, best friends, other family members. And now coming a problem sleeping at home. Counting sheep never works, no matter how hard you try. I've try reading books, thinking myself to exhaustion so on and so on. Till I decided music was the key. 

Why am I being this up? Cause I'm actually house sitting, although its not that far from my house. I think I'll be finding it hard to sleep. New bed, different feeling. Then that awkward feeling when you lay back into your own bed. 

Well, I'm now going to try to catch some sleep. Till next time, 

Monday, October 21, 2013


In life there are just things you keep to yourself. That time you got a speeding ticket, your broke. What about that time your power gets disconnected, get kicked out of your house. Then you accidentally tell your best friend and a secret is made. 

When you think on think on how many secrets there is in this world, it's amazing. Yet not to surprising. Although with secrets, there's people who real them. Everybody breaks them. Nobody is perfect. I know I am. 

Recently, I talked to a friend of mine and we both decided to help each other out with poultry, 5 acres of land with 12 acres. A union of friends and neighbors. Picking endangered poultry to breed, and in a year or two when we have enough volume or stock so to speak. Opening our door to the public. With the combined effort of our knowledge of poultry, we'd be competing with the big guns like hatcheries, rich folks and friends. 

Yet, promising to keep it to ourselves. I know I'm not perfect. Some secrets are better to be told then to eat inside of people. No matter how important it is... 

Thanks so much to my  viewers, friends and family who read and check on my blog. It means so much to me. 

Till next time, 
Noah M 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My future....

I've done a lot of thinking today. I've never had a gf, never had... relations with anybody. I've been I need a pit since the last gal who. Th I and her admitted we fell for each other,  rejected me. Since then, I've had so much spiritual growth, both as a man and as a follower of Christ. Which makes me wat to be better. Starting with my body, starting Monday, I'll be exercising, cutting a lot of junk but of my diet. To both start being healthy and start working on muscle growth. 
Next I'll be working on saving for a future trip. I'm thinking some where in Europe. Nothing in stone yet.

Not to mention shaving for a car, incubator. I still need to take care of my animals too.

Well I think that's brief enough.

Till next time,

Monday, July 1, 2013


hey everybody, 
I thought I'd give you a little update.

My incubator after today, will be offically shut down till next year!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! I thought I'd never see the day. For some who doesn't know. My incubator has been running off the hook since January, hatching like crazy, as I had the following hatch in there (plus hatch dates):
(Chickens) Danish Brown Leghorns:
Feb 16, March 16, May 12, June 9th and 23rd.
ISA/DBL cross:
June 9th

Eggs in to hatch 9th,16th,19th  None Hatch 

Black Spanish: 
May 12th, June 9th, 16th, 23rd

Guniea fowl: 
June 30th

Wow, Next year I'll be more prepared. I'll have more orders as I'll be selling two different blood lines of Danish Browns, I'll have two blood lines of Silver leghorns, Ill have Peahen for spike (my Peacock) and be able to allow my Turkeys to lay earlier, all compared to this year as I've been running on a hovabator. actually for this past month I had to borrow one from my neighbour.
But next year I'll have my Rcom max 190, with my hovabator for lock down. 

Well this is my quick update, I'll try to take pictures of all my birds, or what I'm working on.

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No post? No comments?

Ive noticed lately as I try to post at least a post once I try a while. Comments have become slimer to come by each time.

So if your please with me, please support me with a comment.

Next post will be about my silver leghorns. And an update around here.

Till next time,

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello everybody. Its been a while. I've been busy with work and farm life. Still pretty busy as this is the busy point of the year. I working in garden design and installation. I'm just a gopher sadly. I run to get this and that.
I how ever have been thinking on taking a course in olds college to become a landscaper. But sadly I don't know what to do with myself.
Ill give a bot of an update:
My turkeys are breeding I have eggs hatching in the incubator next weekend, and every weekend till the end of the month. I have a turkey going broody. She's been sitting all day. So I'm hoping she continues till the end.

My chickens are good. I found a line of danish brown leghorns in B.C. thats show quality. So Im getting a bird form him. I have a male coming from the states. Then I have two blood lines from the states come of silver leghorns. I'm so excited.
I've been getting a few orders and buyers coming by for birds and eggs. Which is good. Chick prices went up. As my quality is better then what most has.

My ducks are laying and will hopefully go broody. I have some of theirbeggs in the incubator.

That's basically an update... and I'll leave you there.

Till next time,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Life at walmart

Hey everybody, its me.
I want to say that I was extremely busy these past few days. I was working at walmart for five weeks. It was great. Working different shifts. Pushing carts, helping costumers and fellow coworkers out.

On the lsdt two weeks I was put to work with a special needs adult. The government has a law that requires every big store 'aka walmart' to hire these guys. In event if firing it may involve a law suit. Which is very stupid.

I believe that everybody should be treated equal. That's what everybody wants, and that's what God wants. Only he should be the one to judge. Which I put myself into a pledge not to judge people.

Anyway back to Walmart. The guy is completely lazy, he takes longer breaks, goes to the washroom 16+ times a day. He goes into his car and reads on company time compared to his own time.
Which the manager wanted tones what I'd do. Either complain that I'm stuck with him or just work. Which I worked, and complained to the greeters.
I thought why am I stuck at walmart, specially with him. Then I figured out why. So I started on my training. I started to make him work. I got all these good words around the store... got told I worked him hard he fell asleep on his break. On the last few days I worked there. I decided to pull a him. Be lazy watch him do calm the work... well basically him doing everything.

The managers and my fellow coworkers have missed me these past few days. Thinking how are they going to get by with out the best. Since I've been told I'm 'Master Store Standards'.

But I will leave you with that. I'm thinking on a few more posts.

Till then,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blogger on the go...

Hey everybody,
I officially have the loggers apparently on .my cell. So now I can make a post anywhere. I will hopefully get one posted tomorrow...
Until then,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello Again

Did you miss me? I've surely have missed you... I've been so busy with work. I haven't had time for anything lately.

I hope to make a few posts shortly after this. So if you are still with my..... Please comment below.... I'd love to hear from you.... to make sure your still with me.


Friday, February 22, 2013

New Website

Hey all,

I'm throwing this out there. My website has changed. You can visit it at

Leave a comment here on what you think, Or use the Contact me form on my website.



Hey everybody,
I Brought this up  in my last blog. So I'm bringin up again.....

Should I start vlogging? As in posting videos instead of typing? or a mix?

Comment, don't forget that Guest can comment too, you don't have to sign in.


Life 9?

Hey all,
9? wow. I haven't done anything else other than Life posts. Which I should be.

I have been overwhelmed myself with things to do. It's completely sad. I started researching a breed of chicken I want. Housing, marketing, etc to go with it. With housing, I'm going to build pallet coops, two of them hopefully. I'm working on my plans now.

We've also moved the Turkeys, ducks and spike the peacock into the same shed. Out of the chicken coop and barn. Which they love their new shed, which is bigger. My dad and I will be working on nest boxes tomorrow for them.

I've also have been blessed last week with twenty-three chicks from my chicken flock :D Their in the house, I've sold five of them already and have a few more called for. I have forty-two more eggs in on day nine I believe. All forty-two eggs are fertile and are developing. So excited. I'm looking into a new incubator, something like a ova-easy 190. As my incubator won't be able to handle all turkey, duck and chicken eggs.

I've also applied at Walmart yesterday, I managed to get called on the same day and get a interview today. Great news, I got the job WOOT! I'm so excited to go to my next chapter of work.

Well, I think I'll leave you with your question and call it. I'm working on videos, websites etc.... You'll see me very shortly.

Should I get back to posting more than one post?

Till next time,

Friday, February 15, 2013

I may possibley be the first breeder!!!

Hello all,

Great news :D I saw a breed of chicken in the McMurray catalog, Silver Leghorn. Which There is no breeder for them in Canada.
I got confirmation that a company will order them for me. Me, possibly being the first breeder in Canada with these birds :D SO EXITED!!!

There goes my sleep tonight!!!

Tomorrow I have a lady coming to pick up chicks though. Wish me luck on my new adventure, more information coming later on :D

Monday, February 11, 2013

Life 8

Wow, Busy busy busy... I'll make this a short one for this week.

I'm working on a video, I know I always say that.... But this time its true. To prove that Brown Leghorns isn't flighty. Join the movement, email me :)

The Ducks are good, I'm expecting them to lay at any moment now. I'm working on a shed, and pens for all turkeys, ducks and my peacock. Looking to add to my stock. I was actually thinking on getting a rose comb Brown Leghorns... and breed both rose and single comb.

Wednesday is hatch day for  30 eggs. I'm super excited, as I have a few orders to fill. I just got my first crack, and some eggs are rocking... =D so excited!!!! I'm also going to be ordering some legbands from the states. Which I'm excited to do, I'll be telling my neighbour as he's been works on a way for his Riddley bronze turkeys.

Yesterday, My sister and I got to video chat with some old neighbours of ours.. wow have they all grown up. I'm excited to have more conversations with them, maybe meet up with them some time.

Well, No question for this week... A week off any questions.

Till next time,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy week!

Wow, busy week. I've already had pre-booking for next week hatch filled. With room to squeeze. I'll have chicks to sell after, but I don't want to push pre-booking too far. Pre-booking March 8th hatch will be opening, so I know how many eggs to throw in.

The turkeys have been a pain. Getting out and me getting them and the knocking stuff down. But they still great. My new horse is doing great. Her name is Teyla. Not broke, and wants to learn. Although she's very skittish, she  seems not to like men. Although I was able to walk up to her and walk her around.

I've been working on my website a bit more. Updating and everything. Taking new pictures, and switching the old for the new. I'm also getting some emails on adding reviews on articles. Which I'm working on that for here. With some other posts, and advertisement.

My brother and dad have been working on the jeep since its broken down. We have company coming over tomorrow. Life moves fast, when your having fun!!!

Well I'll leave ya at that!!!!
I have a video I'm working on, will share with you shortly!

Till next time,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life 7

Oh my gosh, this week went fast! Sorry all for not blogging alot lately. I've been busy working on details for getting work, getting turkeys and we picked up a horse today. So visiting, planning and working on a fenced area was needed.
So here's a little update on my life.

This weekend I cleaned the chicken coop, and spent two hours cleaning then putting new straw in. The chickens love it! They layed eight beautiful white eggs today, and one is a double yolker. I cleaned the duck pen, they wanted fresh water again to have one of the girls blow bubbles in it. I wish I got that on camera though. Although, the ducks did get he bedding wet again.

Today is my Grandfathers birthday, sadly, he passed away six years before I came around. But I wish he was around as I've been told he's one remarkable guy. Yesterday I started reading Me To We again. Stopped on Chapter three, Now on chapter four, Very amusing. Hearing stories. I'm still planning a mission trip, when is the matter though. Today, as I said, we got a new horse. Very nice horse, roughly four to seven years old. Willing to learn, but is a bit stubborn. We're deciding a name as she doesn't come to her name now. Or respond in any way.
Tomorrow, My dad and I are picking up eleven turkey's. We got told that three have mutant coloured feathers, so she's selling them as meat instead of breeding. But a win for us, for we found out its an actual breed :) More on the horse, and turkeys later on.

My Relationship life? It's not going anywhere. My friendships are gladly growing, as I talk to more people, and I find myself more social than ever now, since using this blog, and my other blogs.Which is great. Just Saturday, I went over to a neighbour's to be pulled on a sleigh thing by a horse, so much fun.  Oh talk about Saturday, I went over to my other neighbours, to move turkey's to breeding pens, and to install a new part to replace one for his incubator. That was fun. NOT!!!

My life is falling into place, yet it saddens me to see myself, dying to have someone to call my girlfriend. Luck for me, eight-teen years, never had a girlfriend. On good record so far.

Well, I guess I'll leave you with that, other than your question for the week:

If you were to live anywhere, where would you move to?

Till next time,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life 6

Wow, what a busy week! Although I'm done school, I've had a very busy week! I put chicken edgs in the incubator on Thursday/Friday, Updated my website, got rid of a round hay bale, went into town more than once, worked on a broken down jeep, and had company come more than once this week.

I've started more than one project. I'll post pictures shortly. One is making Kumbucha tea. It's a very healthy tea. Its suppose to help wih many issues. Very funny story. I got a scoby from a friend of mine. Which I made three batches, each with the new baby. I gave a friend the last. She made rounds and rounds, ending up with four generations (rounds with the babies). Lately, I wanted to start into kombucha tea again, and got two fourth generations from her. I made two rounds, making me have the fifth, which actually is the eighth generation. Very interesting!!!!
I may have the babies or mom scoby's called for already. I'm spreading the word of the Miricale drink.

So I put forty eggs in the incubator. Today is the end of day seven, I candled them and four weren't developing, the other four, died. Leaving me with thirty-two eggs. So far my hatch rate is 80% of the total amount. That is still high, I'm hoping all hatch. I already have two chicks called for. Oh, if anybody would like Danish Brown Leghorn chicks, email me! They're known to be very flighty, although I haven't noticed with my birds. Mine are very calm birds, come up and they allow you to pet them.

That's another thing, I've recently managed to get a email other than my personal. The email address is the click-able link above (^). If you want to email me about a breed, or any posts you want me to make, please us the email above aswell!

Well, this is a quick update, and I'm very tired, long day and long week.
Till next time,

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day #3 of #21

Hey all,

So I have eggs in the incubator. Amazing huh? Forty eggs in, Collect in the time of ten days. I'm very proud of myself. The Chickens stopped laying a at point, and I managed to collect when they're getting back into laying. So anyway, I put them in three days ago, which I candled them today. I think I'm out of practice, candling wise.
I couldn't tell what was developing or not. Only one had a noticeable blood vein. Which was very weird. I'm giving them a bit of time. a few days. But If only one hatches. It's going to be either a very spoiled chick. Or I may just sell it, as it would be on its own, compared to being with its own kind. 

I though I'd give the first update,
Till Next time,

Duck Adventures 5

What an amazing day it was. I've gotten a lot done on the 'ranch list'. So, after this long somewhat stressful day, I want to finish it off with some blog posts.

This past week has been good. The ducks are happy, I'm adding my duck call on my normal routine every day now, starting tomorrow. Since I normally deal with my ducks first (since they are the furthest). Instead of my annoying not a true duck call back to my girls, I want to make them feel like they hear the call, when fresh water and more food is coming. So when I come into the barn without the call, they don't really expect the more food and top off of water because they dumped it.

Today I've realized that my drake 'Louise' is finally growing his drake curl feather. It's hardly a curl yet, but it's just coming in. I'm hoping to get pictures of that in the next few days. With more info on it to follow. Also when I went in there with fresh water tonight, he decided that he wanted to wade in the water as he drinks it. I'm thinking shorly I'll have to move stuff around and allow them access to a bigger water body.

Dewey and Huey is doing good. Their female quack is getting louder and louder each day, and feathers are looking great. Every day I seem to expect eggs, even though I know that they won't lay eggs yet. Probably not for another month or two. I'm in the market for two more females (ducks) pekins. I think I may have a seller, I just simply have to email him.

Well, I'm going to leave this weeks adventure with that. No pictures, just straight up talk.

Until Next time,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life 5

Hey all!

Wow did the week go fast. I've been busy working on my last week of school. As this week was finals. I pass both my classes. Which are the most important part. Next semester is RAP. RAP stands for 'Registered Apperience Program', which I'm taking through the school. But the trade I'm thinking is landscaping. My neighbour offered me a job, so I'm going to see if he's willing to help me out with RAP.

Ah, my blogging life is slowing down, don't worry, it will pick back up as I have nothing to do with my time anymore, other than farm work and helping people. So expect all the posts that I've been working on next week, hopefully. I'll try to do a picture video or an actual video. I'm hoping of having time to do the video.

Anyway, to get back on topic, what's the topic again? Oh right, on how this week went and is going. These two words 'Really Boring'. Finals really bored me, something better would be great. I've been playing on my psp lately, and on facebook I've gotten a few friends back that took me off. I've also been in some pretty bad politic debates, very bad idea. I've been working on choosing battles, which this week, I've been working on that and when to intervene in fights. I've been succeeding in that matter. Which is great. I've also been working on being peaceful, and positive. When looking at the negative points of people, or their faults. You're giving that negativity glory, instead you could be giving their positive points, values the glory. So people would act more reasonably.

Other than that what have I been up to? Well, I was helping my dear friend put his incubators together, I've been collecting eggs for my incubator that I got back, and put some eggs in the incubator (check for new posts about the countdown of twenty-one days). Today I put up the brooder, getting everything ready for chicks. I guess nowadays I'm showing more OCD, than normal (Note: I do believe I have OCD). What else is there? Working on a jeep, the job offer (I posted it up at the top), I have more thoughts on my mealworms. Right, mealworms, I got my first big  second generation. The others are growing. I have a potential buyer, that will be buying monthly. I've been looking at Deli Containers for the mealworms. I found a Eco-friendly corn plastic containers. Isn't that amazing? I'm working on a price of $9.99 for a thousand, plus cost of this Eco-containers, and shipping. Which I'll be working on shipping prices later.

I also got a email for my 'Wolfbird Exotics', including blog, birds and mealworms. The email is I'll email you as soon as I can.

Tomorrow holds many things, dealing with my birds, fixing some fences and cleaning up some horse manure. I also been requested to move some turkey's at a neighbours place. I can't wait.

Upcoming posts in the week will be:
  • Duck Adventures
  • Breed of the Week (Beltsville)
  • Twenty-one days, First Hatch of 2013
  • Random posts
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Question for the week:
If you had to choose a favorite animal, what would it be?

Till next time,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Shipping Hatching Eggs

Hey all,

This post is to link up to the 'Breed of the Week'. To also give you the knowledge of the warnings, of shipping hatching eggs. We'll be talking about how to:
  • Prepare the eggs to ship.
  • Once the eggs arrive, what you do.
  •  The warnings what can happen if you try to hatch the eggs.

To start, the chicken lay's the egg. The eggs should be the min. Size of medium size egg. If you use a peewee. The chick will out grow the egg before it's even ready to come out. To top that off the air sack and the yolk in the egg is too small for the chick. If you do, you may end up with killing the chick, having a deformed chick, or the embryo could die early. There will be more on this later.

The seller of the eggs, puts the eggs in bubble wrap and puts them in a egg carton. When all eggs are placed in egg cartons, it gets put in a box with filler. Normally paper shreds, or Peanuts. It depends on the breeder/seller. The seller, makes sure the eggs, and cartons can't move, or can't move to much. They then weigh the box, than measurements. Then off to the Post office.

The Buyer of the eggs, picks up the eggs. Once you pick it up, you need to check for any broken eggs, cracked eggs. If you do, depending on the seller, they might replace them. Before you put them in your incubator, warm up the incubator, make sure it's the right temp for the type of species. It's different for every species. While the incubator is warming up, you need to set the eggs in a cool location. Not too cold, not too warm. The eggs need to set, after the long journey for twenty four hours. After those twenty four hours, you can put the eggs in your pre-warmed incubator.

The warnings I've heard with having shipped eggs sent is that the air sack moves, causing problems with hatching. Others like all eggs cracking or all broken. With the seller not replacing. More also to go with not having the eggs fertile. A lot of breeders sell eggs 'Hatching eggs' if the egg is not fertile, it's not their problem. Which is okay. I'm keeping you from having the annoyance of thinking some things may be good and bad. You have to candle your eggs. Sometimes an egg can burst in the incubator, costing you, your whole lot of eggs. If that happens, warm up a towel in the dryer. Once warm, remove the eggs, put them in the towel. Turn off the incubator and clean. Once dry, put the eggs back in. You may loose some of the eggs, But it is better than losing all.

Just keep this in mind, don't make it ruin your fun of hatching shipped eggs. And most of all have fun!
Happy Hatching!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life 4

Hey all,

I have been pretty busy working on my last few days of catching up and studying. I allowed my ducks to go outside for the first time today, since I've had them. It was fun, pictures of that will be included in Duck adventures next week. My neighbour invited my sister and I come over and build gingerbread houses. Got to love after Christmas fun.

I haven't had much time for alot lately. I haven't read 'Me to We' I've been researching on them though. I think a mission trip to Kenya is in my future next year. Although my parents believe otherwise, I'm still planning to go next year. I have a ywam service at a old church I use to go to, this Saturday and Sunday. I can't wait to talk to them about my plans, what I've read. ywam is 'Youth with a mission' by the way.

The horses and llamas are together now, so I have to feed them two bales of hay, including them grazing  in one of the back fields that we let go from august to now. Although, now there's snow, I don't think it would be growing.  I can't wait to get my hands on the llama's fleece. It seems that the previous owner didn't sheer them for a year, or two. So its just been growing. It would be worth a pretty penny. I'm looking at spinning. You may think 'Oh its a girl thing', but you'd be surprised to see the number of male fleece spinners.

The chickens are doing great, they've been slowly getting back into the laying habits. So far four to five eggs  max. I have twenty-five eggs so far to put in the incubator on Saturday. I'm excited. I'm planning to increase my bird population, sell some birdies. Already have another hatch after this completely booked. So if you're looking at having some Danish Brown Leghorns, you might want to order chicks, adults or eggs right away.  Some people find DBL's really flightly, but to tell the truth, I haven't truly worked with them. My birds are not really flightly, I get welcomed every morning and before bedtime. It's amazing what these creatures do.

At the end of the month, I'll be looking after my neighbour's birds as he flies to Toronto for the Home and Garden Show. I can't wait to get stocked up on eggs again, as all my chicken eggs are going towards hatching so far. Anyway, I can't wait to look after these birds. They are the most well cared for, friendliest animals you'd probably ever see. His area is very clean.

I think I'll leave it at that.... Oh yes the question, how could I forget the question. The question for the week is:

In your own opinion, does long distance relationships work?

I encourage you to comment, as we don't judge here. Also, You don't need to sign up anymore, I'm now allowing Guest comments. Well, don't forget to share the blog with somebody new this week, subscribe to the email subscriber to the left (>) and don't forget to stay tuned for the next few Posts:
Till next time,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Duck Adventures 4

Hello everybody, views from around the world!

I'd like to welcome back Huey, Dewey and Louie. They've had a wonderful Christmas break. Very long one. I think they've enjoyed it. A good break from the internet world, just them bathing in their waterer pan, and eating. They told me its not easy being a duck on the internet. No I'm kidding, but I haven't heard otherwise.
They're doing great! Getting nice and plump. As you can see, their breasts are filling in. Their beak cooler is coming back. Their feet are the right colour. They've finally done their molting time. Well, not quite yet, a few more feathers to grow in.

When I got them, their bellies were bare. Now soft feathers have taken over. They showed no character.... Now they splash around in the waterer, Living life like if it was a joke. Amazing on how creatures flip when they're loved, and cared for properly.

The one on the left here is Louie, he`s the drake in this flock. He`s voice is really raspy. When he`s angry, his feathers on the top of his head go up. Like a goffin cockatoo, when their angry, they`re crown goes up.

The one closes to the camera is Dewey, she`s a bit on the shy side. She`s the youngest, and smallest of them. The feathers on her neck poke up, its very cute!

The farthest one on the right, she`s Huey. She`s the poser. She loves the camera. Her feathers are nicely smooth. Her back, smooth and flat. Her beak is the brightest of them all. She loves sitting on laps.  Although the first few times, her nails dig into your leg, and it truly hurts.

Well, This month they hopefully will be moved to the second coop. The run will be tidied up. I`ve heard ducks love to play in the snow.
I can`t wait to have ducklings this year. I`m expecting Febuary or March to have eggs. I`ll eat the eggs for a few days or weeks. When it starts to warm up, and I see them mate... I`ll start to collect to hatch.
I`m also going to add some more ducks (female) to the mix. I`m thinking two more birds. Some that are proven layers.

Well, I think I`ll leave it at that for this week. More pictures and info next week. Don`t forget to stay tuned for the following posts:
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Till next time,

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey Guys,

FLYA has fully accomplished the first goal. The goal of doubling a hundred views, well we've reached a bit higher than tripled it. Take a moment and look at this graph I've created.
These are the stats for the past two months, almost three. Thanks to you, the goal has been reached.

The graph shows that November has twenty seven pageviews, as December beat with a smashing of fifty two. Although grateful of December and Novembers page views, January beat all with four hundred and eighty. The Five hundred and nine, all the way at the top is total views. That's all the views we've had so far. It's amazing isn't it?

As you can tell the blogs look as changed yet again. I'd like it if you comment down below if you like the new look? Or your opinion on it. I changed the Amazon ad on the right. If you didn't realize it. It's red and yellow. It has the top six of what I recommend, and what I'll be talking about for the next few weeks.

I'm working on getting google adsence, and I'm looking for a few poultry breeders willing to send me pictures. It would be very appreciated. The next goal is getting up to a Thousand views. The blog will change looks again, I'll have one of these stat graphs again. Don't forget to comment, share with a friend and favorite so you can come back later. The next few posts to come is:
I'll be working on the 'Welcome Page' this week. So stay tuned!

Till Next time,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Expectations of 2013 (Part 1)

What an amazing year so far. So many things done this year, and the year basically just began. I've gotten comments and emails about how I didn't say what I expect from 2013. Which, I've promised I'd make one today. Although, Its very hard to come up with what I expect for the whole year, in a few days. So I'll make this a two parter. One now, and another in six months.

What I expect is very simple, I want to take what I have now, my birds, website, this blog, and I want to grow my knowledge. Learn more, have more. I want to know more by the end of the year, than I do now. How am I going to keep track you might ask? Well on this blog. I'll keep a journal of my new findings in my life posts.

Another thing I expect is a job, lol. May sound foolish to expect something that I'll get anyway. But I'll be finished school at the end of the month. I want to find a job. To supply my birds with new equipment, new buildings, I have some personal stuff that I'd like to buy. Like a Mac book, I want to take Driving lessons, do my test and Buy a car. I want to save money for a trip I want to take. More on that later.

I want to be able to hatch, raise and sell chicks, adults and eggs this year. I'm thinking about even showing my chicken I got Christmas of 2011. He's my little boy. Although he's two now. I'm increasing my stock. More ducks, more chickens, peahens, and I'm even getting turkeys. I have my first two hatches already planned. The 8th of Febuary, and the 5th of March. I'm not to sure about egg numbers yet, but that should be coming up shortly. I'm guessing around 30 eggs in for both.

I'm wanting to increase my true friends. I want to clean my Facebook of those people that I have on just for the sake of adding, from school, from events, and old coworkers. I'm also hoping for some romance, aka a girlfriend.... Maybe. I'm not saying names, nor am I implying that I will have one. I'd like to see myself in a relationship.

With all this talk from friends on traveling. My school went to Paris last year, and this year they're going to Italy. I've always wanted to travel, and I've also wanted to do volunteer work in a third world country. I started reading this book, that my aunt gave me, I've mentioned this before, the title is 'Me to We' (I'll have a ad down below for Amazon, click it and you can purchase the book).  It talks about all these people helping and in third world countries and it got me thinking. That I should take one of these 'life changing events'. One of my old youth groups has guest speakers from a youth 'group' for mission trips. I've decided that I want to go and talk to them about what I've read, what I want to do. I truly believe this is a calling of mine. Besides It may decide what I want to do in my life.

Well, so far that's it, Traveling, cleaning out friends to see my real true friends. Maybe some romance on the way. Increase knowledge and number of birds. I want to sell birds/eggs/adults. Purchase some items, and do some driving lessons. So I guess I'll stop talking, and don't forget to check the life posts on updates of the things above (^). And come back in six months for part two and a full update on how my list is going so far.

(Don't forget to share the blog with friends and family. Simply share one of the posts with the Facebook like button down Below (v). Also don't forget to comment and click on the ad to look at the book, and hopefully you'll think of buying it).

Till next time,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life 3.0

Hey guys,
Long time no see!? So my life has been an incredible journey so far this 2013. From Dealing with my nephews, friends, family, And now this snowy weather. Man, we got hit bad with some strong winds, and the window of the chicken coop is Fiberglass so it decided to pop out. Don't worry, I did a temp fix. I'll have to fully fix it.... Ah inheriting somebody elses problems.
So we got hit on Wednesday night with snow, falling down rapidly, it kept going overnight, all day and is still going at it. Glad we have a tractor that I can use tomorrow to plow the driveway.

Other than the snow, I've been working on my last semester of school. Working hard on studying, catching up on a few things, as Finals are just two weeks away. I can't wait to feel that freedom of life outside of school. I've been waiting 13 years for this moment.
I've also been busy working on here, increasing my traffic, working on future posts, videos, etc. Right now I'm in a middle of  advertisement post, and working on future ones (this will be the Breed a week post series). On top of my website, my Facebook page not to mention my farm life. I'm excited for this, and it's been on my mind. Every time I go on the computer I have to look up this and that for the blog. It's a great choice, I feel my knowledge of website design, traffic control and my thoughts more clear and growing.

I've recently have been working with hatching times and dates for chickens, as I'm planning for 2013 bird sales, personal and non-personal use. I have a order for some chickens 6 weeks old so for April time. So I'll be working on that. I'm working up on my mealworms, and ducks. I'm looking for some more Ducks(hens) for my drake to increase egg laying to increase ducklings and egg sales. And yah. One of my big plans.

I promise you guys, I'll have my '2013 Expection' post out tomorrow with my 'Duck adventures' (no sound, maybe pictures). You'll find out if I'm expecting love, or maybe a big million dollar check. Wait! Who doesn't expect that?
But its time for me to leave you yet again. But don't worry, this isn't the season final of 'Life' posts. I'll be back next week with 'Life'.... Till then, you'll live off of my other post series and random posts.

Time to leave you with the question for the week. Please comment on the post your answer, and don't forget to email subscribe and favorite the blog.

What do you think of the new look of the blog? Would you like something different? What do you expect to see on the blog?

Till next time,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Pageviews

Farm life of a Young Adult, has officially hit ONE HUNDRED views!!!!!! Thanks all for checking out my blog, don't forget to favorite the page, and share this blog with friends and family.

Now, I added a few things to my blog, like the page counter at the bottom. I've added a Follow by email. Which you type in your email address and when I do a post, you'll get notified. That way you don't miss a thing (Your email is private, it will not be shared with anybody). I've also got searchbar, I'll be posting ads to go with what I'm talking about, If you're looking for something, do it through the search bar, to support me.

Another amazing upgrades will be coming soon. Posts of what I expect 2013 to bring, life and Duck adventure posts will be coming back. With new posts like a Breed a day, posting chicken and other poultry breeds, facts, knowledge about them and where to get them.

Within two months 100 pageviews, let's double that!!!!!!

Till next time,


Mealworms are a great treat and a food source for most animals. Also used for fishing and feeding to wild birds. The mealworms are actually Larva of the Darkwing Beetle, and goes through twenty-five plus shedding to turn to the next stage. The Pupa, A dormant stage of the Mealworm/Darkwing Beetle. Just like a cocoon of a Butterfly, It doesn't eat, as its transforming into a Beetle. From Pupa to Beetles, beetles come out with their wings white,and head brown, within time they'll turn fully brown to black. When Beetles find their mate, they can lay up to five-hundred eggs.

You, just like me, can raise mealworms. Buying them from a breeder, or at a pet supply store. Mealworms eat oatmeal and bran flakes. You can use either one, or a mixture of both, Which they use it to eat and bedding to sleep and lay their eggs. For moisture, they can have veggies or fruit. I personally like using baby carrots, potatoes and apples. You will want to remove any veggie/fruit before it molds, as it can spread through your bedding, to which can cause death. You can put them in a container like a Tupperware, or a salad container. You can even use aquariums.

Once you have beetles, give it a month for checking for baby mealworms, as the eggs are micro tiny, and mealworms need to grow at a slow pace. Within a few months, you will have thousands of mealworms.
I currenty raise them for my birds. This year, I'll be expanding my farm and be able to sell some, Check out my website for when I'll have them for sale.

Monday, January 7, 2013

'Me to We' Journey

Hey guys, For Christmas my Aunt gave me a book called 'Me To We'. I started to read the back, then introduction. From there I thought 'Wow, a very interesting book'. From there, I started to read the first chapter. My thoughts on the book so far is that I should make a difference. It's an amazing book so far. I encourage you guys to buy or pick it up at a library and start your own journey.

This journey will be on my thoughts on the book and how I'm going to reflect it on my life.

Till Next time,
The ad Below is added by me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013!!!!!

Hey everybody, and Happy 2013.
My first post for 2013.... What have I been up to?

Well I went up and stayed at my sisters for a week. Catching up on school, watching my nephews, and hanging out with friends and family. On New Years eve, I had a twelve hour flu. It was horrible. Although, sleep, poweraid, jello, chicken noodle soup, crackers and water did seem to help. I decided once I felt better to go out for a walk with a good friend of mine and her two classmates. That was great time. Although skates were really needed. Tuesday, Wednessday and thursday, I was working on a essay on how zoo's shouldn't be banned, reading a story called 'Gooseberries' and watching non stop elives and my nephews. Followed Thrusday night, my sister and brother inlaw decided to go out for a movie. They had a blast.
Friday came sooner than the rest of the weekdays, a day I finished a whole months worth of science, watch my nephews, and managed to hang out with my friend again. The next day came and I got a phone call from my mom saying my dad's on his way to pick me up. WOW! Didn't that week go by so fast? To finish Saturday off, my dad and I met up with one of our best hunting pals went for lunch, where we had stew in bread bowls (stew isn't the same without breadbowls), followed by going to a hunting store. Ah, it as a great man time, looking at bows, fishing rods, all the cool little gadgets they had there.
After then, I realized I didn't give my friend her Christas card and so we rushed into her work to give her it. Once we finished our list, we made it home where my animals all welcomed me back :D
My brother was heading back from Lethbridge with his fiance. My Mother and younger sister were heading back from a wonderful shopping adventure in Strathmore.

Since it's 2013 already, I like to look back on what 2012 gave us.

My parents bought their own place, all my wonderful birds, and additions of llamas on the farm. My friend in Sylvan Lake started in January, when she lived in Israel, what a blessing to have a friend like her. My neighbours are truly addicted to birds, and I've had wonderful conversations, my Grandmother came out to Alberta, I didn't see her for six years till now. I graduated, And I have hundreds of friends from school, for just being apart of for only a two/three semesters.

I'll make a post shortly on my 2013 plans, my video that I haven't gotten around to.

I want to end this post for the first one in 2013 with a question, and I do ask to comment your answer.

What do you expect 2013 to bring?

Till next time,