Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sleeping away from house and home

A lot of you have figured its always hard to sleep away from house and home. Even if your 5 minutes away from your house. It always seems difficult. 
I recall a few years go when my sister and I would sleep over at my neighbors. And I'd never sleep. Anytime I slept over at their house, I just couldn't sleep. Also reminds me of a time in Ontario, we were moving and my parents thought it best for my sister and I to sleep over at our friends which is a dear family friend. 
Yet after attempt after attempt I just couldn't fall asleep. Yet I eventually did. 

I still have problems, at my sisters, best friends, other family members. And now coming a problem sleeping at home. Counting sheep never works, no matter how hard you try. I've try reading books, thinking myself to exhaustion so on and so on. Till I decided music was the key. 

Why am I being this up? Cause I'm actually house sitting, although its not that far from my house. I think I'll be finding it hard to sleep. New bed, different feeling. Then that awkward feeling when you lay back into your own bed. 

Well, I'm now going to try to catch some sleep. Till next time, 

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