Monday, November 4, 2013


Do you know what's interesting on life. No matter how hard you squeeze it's lemons, you never have enough juice to make lemonade. 

As most people already know life doesn't go the way you plan. I have a few points to this. Job wise, career or also know as school wise, parent wise, and finally friends and young love. It's  fastening how life remodels things. Opens and closers doors. Yet how can a young man like myself and many of my views survive. 

It's amazing how a job can be very toxic, yet sometimes feel like its the best thing since slice of bread. I've been working for my boss since the beginning of April. Yet the beginning it was fun. My boss has used our friendship for his advantage. Waiting for pay periods to pass, to pay me the longest I've had to wait is a month and a half to finally get paid one pay period. 
He threatens,telling me if I fuck up one thing, he'd kill me, hit me or a few others. Sometimes if I messed up he'd hit me with his fist, hand and/or watering cans. Some people wonder why I'm still working for him after months of this abuse. Truly, cause I think he'd never pay me what he owes me, it would ruin my parents and his relationship as neighbours. 

Some people when they leave high school know exactly eat they want to do/be. Sadly, I very truly thought want I actually wanted to be till it was so late. I fucked up both my high school, and my future in many ways. Every time I want to apply I very have the money due to not get I g paid on time and everything backing up due to having late pay periods. 

Parents, they're parents no matter what I say, or do. It will never change them. Sometimes you just have to live with them the way they are. Unless your me, where I have them in my hands.

No matter how I try to make friends it always comes crashing down. Weighed they want me to buy their car, want me to spoil the hell oh of them or other things. Or even worse, your crush has a crush on you yet keeps you in the friend zone. 
Truly, I've been burned, for here's through mind games of love. And boy do I tell you this. It's a real turn off of girls. But life has to many girls, I'm finally looking for a woman. Time will be coming when I actually need a woman, settle down and have kids, or just travel. 

But it is getting late, till next time, 
Noah M 

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