Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day #3 of #21

Hey all,

So I have eggs in the incubator. Amazing huh? Forty eggs in, Collect in the time of ten days. I'm very proud of myself. The Chickens stopped laying a at point, and I managed to collect when they're getting back into laying. So anyway, I put them in three days ago, which I candled them today. I think I'm out of practice, candling wise.
I couldn't tell what was developing or not. Only one had a noticeable blood vein. Which was very weird. I'm giving them a bit of time. a few days. But If only one hatches. It's going to be either a very spoiled chick. Or I may just sell it, as it would be on its own, compared to being with its own kind. 

I though I'd give the first update,
Till Next time,

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