Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life 3.0

Hey guys,
Long time no see!? So my life has been an incredible journey so far this 2013. From Dealing with my nephews, friends, family, And now this snowy weather. Man, we got hit bad with some strong winds, and the window of the chicken coop is Fiberglass so it decided to pop out. Don't worry, I did a temp fix. I'll have to fully fix it.... Ah inheriting somebody elses problems.
So we got hit on Wednesday night with snow, falling down rapidly, it kept going overnight, all day and is still going at it. Glad we have a tractor that I can use tomorrow to plow the driveway.

Other than the snow, I've been working on my last semester of school. Working hard on studying, catching up on a few things, as Finals are just two weeks away. I can't wait to feel that freedom of life outside of school. I've been waiting 13 years for this moment.
I've also been busy working on here, increasing my traffic, working on future posts, videos, etc. Right now I'm in a middle of  advertisement post, and working on future ones (this will be the Breed a week post series). On top of my website, my Facebook page not to mention my farm life. I'm excited for this, and it's been on my mind. Every time I go on the computer I have to look up this and that for the blog. It's a great choice, I feel my knowledge of website design, traffic control and my thoughts more clear and growing.

I've recently have been working with hatching times and dates for chickens, as I'm planning for 2013 bird sales, personal and non-personal use. I have a order for some chickens 6 weeks old so for April time. So I'll be working on that. I'm working up on my mealworms, and ducks. I'm looking for some more Ducks(hens) for my drake to increase egg laying to increase ducklings and egg sales. And yah. One of my big plans.

I promise you guys, I'll have my '2013 Expection' post out tomorrow with my 'Duck adventures' (no sound, maybe pictures). You'll find out if I'm expecting love, or maybe a big million dollar check. Wait! Who doesn't expect that?
But its time for me to leave you yet again. But don't worry, this isn't the season final of 'Life' posts. I'll be back next week with 'Life'.... Till then, you'll live off of my other post series and random posts.

Time to leave you with the question for the week. Please comment on the post your answer, and don't forget to email subscribe and favorite the blog.

What do you think of the new look of the blog? Would you like something different? What do you expect to see on the blog?

Till next time,

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