Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Duck Adventures 4

Hello everybody, views from around the world!

I'd like to welcome back Huey, Dewey and Louie. They've had a wonderful Christmas break. Very long one. I think they've enjoyed it. A good break from the internet world, just them bathing in their waterer pan, and eating. They told me its not easy being a duck on the internet. No I'm kidding, but I haven't heard otherwise.
They're doing great! Getting nice and plump. As you can see, their breasts are filling in. Their beak cooler is coming back. Their feet are the right colour. They've finally done their molting time. Well, not quite yet, a few more feathers to grow in.

When I got them, their bellies were bare. Now soft feathers have taken over. They showed no character.... Now they splash around in the waterer, Living life like if it was a joke. Amazing on how creatures flip when they're loved, and cared for properly.

The one on the left here is Louie, he`s the drake in this flock. He`s voice is really raspy. When he`s angry, his feathers on the top of his head go up. Like a goffin cockatoo, when their angry, they`re crown goes up.

The one closes to the camera is Dewey, she`s a bit on the shy side. She`s the youngest, and smallest of them. The feathers on her neck poke up, its very cute!

The farthest one on the right, she`s Huey. She`s the poser. She loves the camera. Her feathers are nicely smooth. Her back, smooth and flat. Her beak is the brightest of them all. She loves sitting on laps.  Although the first few times, her nails dig into your leg, and it truly hurts.

Well, This month they hopefully will be moved to the second coop. The run will be tidied up. I`ve heard ducks love to play in the snow.
I can`t wait to have ducklings this year. I`m expecting Febuary or March to have eggs. I`ll eat the eggs for a few days or weeks. When it starts to warm up, and I see them mate... I`ll start to collect to hatch.
I`m also going to add some more ducks (female) to the mix. I`m thinking two more birds. Some that are proven layers.

Well, I think I`ll leave it at that for this week. More pictures and info next week. Don`t forget to stay tuned for the following posts:
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  1. They are all so adorable! It's nice to see people who actually take proper care of their animals =)

    1. Thank you so much :D I do try to do the best for them!

    2. Hi Noah, My name is Mary and I live in Massachusetts and I have 12 Pekin ducks, 5 chickens and 1 rooster! I love them all. My ducks do not like the snow. This morning I kicked them out of their shed to get some fresh air, they got on their bellies and tried pulling their feet up like little kids! I guess they're spoiled, I scooted them back in to the shed. They make good pets and they make me laugh every day.

    3. Awe! Pekins are the greatest! I have pictures of mine out for the first time! they don't like the snow either. lol