Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013!!!!!

Hey everybody, and Happy 2013.
My first post for 2013.... What have I been up to?

Well I went up and stayed at my sisters for a week. Catching up on school, watching my nephews, and hanging out with friends and family. On New Years eve, I had a twelve hour flu. It was horrible. Although, sleep, poweraid, jello, chicken noodle soup, crackers and water did seem to help. I decided once I felt better to go out for a walk with a good friend of mine and her two classmates. That was great time. Although skates were really needed. Tuesday, Wednessday and thursday, I was working on a essay on how zoo's shouldn't be banned, reading a story called 'Gooseberries' and watching non stop elives and my nephews. Followed Thrusday night, my sister and brother inlaw decided to go out for a movie. They had a blast.
Friday came sooner than the rest of the weekdays, a day I finished a whole months worth of science, watch my nephews, and managed to hang out with my friend again. The next day came and I got a phone call from my mom saying my dad's on his way to pick me up. WOW! Didn't that week go by so fast? To finish Saturday off, my dad and I met up with one of our best hunting pals went for lunch, where we had stew in bread bowls (stew isn't the same without breadbowls), followed by going to a hunting store. Ah, it as a great man time, looking at bows, fishing rods, all the cool little gadgets they had there.
After then, I realized I didn't give my friend her Christas card and so we rushed into her work to give her it. Once we finished our list, we made it home where my animals all welcomed me back :D
My brother was heading back from Lethbridge with his fiance. My Mother and younger sister were heading back from a wonderful shopping adventure in Strathmore.

Since it's 2013 already, I like to look back on what 2012 gave us.

My parents bought their own place, all my wonderful birds, and additions of llamas on the farm. My friend in Sylvan Lake started in January, when she lived in Israel, what a blessing to have a friend like her. My neighbours are truly addicted to birds, and I've had wonderful conversations, my Grandmother came out to Alberta, I didn't see her for six years till now. I graduated, And I have hundreds of friends from school, for just being apart of for only a two/three semesters.

I'll make a post shortly on my 2013 plans, my video that I haven't gotten around to.

I want to end this post for the first one in 2013 with a question, and I do ask to comment your answer.

What do you expect 2013 to bring?

Till next time,


  1. My, you've been busy! :P

    I expect 2013 to bring difficulties to grow through. Not thrilled by the idea, though...

    You didn't say what you expect! Not fair.

    1. I've been very busy. Although, these past few days I've been working on here, my website and Facebook group.
      Ah, I expect that too, who is though?
      I'll be posting what I expect this week. You'll just have to stay tuned for it