Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Pageviews

Farm life of a Young Adult, has officially hit ONE HUNDRED views!!!!!! Thanks all for checking out my blog, don't forget to favorite the page, and share this blog with friends and family.

Now, I added a few things to my blog, like the page counter at the bottom. I've added a Follow by email. Which you type in your email address and when I do a post, you'll get notified. That way you don't miss a thing (Your email is private, it will not be shared with anybody). I've also got searchbar, I'll be posting ads to go with what I'm talking about, If you're looking for something, do it through the search bar, to support me.

Another amazing upgrades will be coming soon. Posts of what I expect 2013 to bring, life and Duck adventure posts will be coming back. With new posts like a Breed a day, posting chicken and other poultry breeds, facts, knowledge about them and where to get them.

Within two months 100 pageviews, let's double that!!!!!!

Till next time,

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