Friday, January 11, 2013

Expectations of 2013 (Part 1)

What an amazing year so far. So many things done this year, and the year basically just began. I've gotten comments and emails about how I didn't say what I expect from 2013. Which, I've promised I'd make one today. Although, Its very hard to come up with what I expect for the whole year, in a few days. So I'll make this a two parter. One now, and another in six months.

What I expect is very simple, I want to take what I have now, my birds, website, this blog, and I want to grow my knowledge. Learn more, have more. I want to know more by the end of the year, than I do now. How am I going to keep track you might ask? Well on this blog. I'll keep a journal of my new findings in my life posts.

Another thing I expect is a job, lol. May sound foolish to expect something that I'll get anyway. But I'll be finished school at the end of the month. I want to find a job. To supply my birds with new equipment, new buildings, I have some personal stuff that I'd like to buy. Like a Mac book, I want to take Driving lessons, do my test and Buy a car. I want to save money for a trip I want to take. More on that later.

I want to be able to hatch, raise and sell chicks, adults and eggs this year. I'm thinking about even showing my chicken I got Christmas of 2011. He's my little boy. Although he's two now. I'm increasing my stock. More ducks, more chickens, peahens, and I'm even getting turkeys. I have my first two hatches already planned. The 8th of Febuary, and the 5th of March. I'm not to sure about egg numbers yet, but that should be coming up shortly. I'm guessing around 30 eggs in for both.

I'm wanting to increase my true friends. I want to clean my Facebook of those people that I have on just for the sake of adding, from school, from events, and old coworkers. I'm also hoping for some romance, aka a girlfriend.... Maybe. I'm not saying names, nor am I implying that I will have one. I'd like to see myself in a relationship.

With all this talk from friends on traveling. My school went to Paris last year, and this year they're going to Italy. I've always wanted to travel, and I've also wanted to do volunteer work in a third world country. I started reading this book, that my aunt gave me, I've mentioned this before, the title is 'Me to We' (I'll have a ad down below for Amazon, click it and you can purchase the book).  It talks about all these people helping and in third world countries and it got me thinking. That I should take one of these 'life changing events'. One of my old youth groups has guest speakers from a youth 'group' for mission trips. I've decided that I want to go and talk to them about what I've read, what I want to do. I truly believe this is a calling of mine. Besides It may decide what I want to do in my life.

Well, so far that's it, Traveling, cleaning out friends to see my real true friends. Maybe some romance on the way. Increase knowledge and number of birds. I want to sell birds/eggs/adults. Purchase some items, and do some driving lessons. So I guess I'll stop talking, and don't forget to check the life posts on updates of the things above (^). And come back in six months for part two and a full update on how my list is going so far.

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