Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life 5

Hey all!

Wow did the week go fast. I've been busy working on my last week of school. As this week was finals. I pass both my classes. Which are the most important part. Next semester is RAP. RAP stands for 'Registered Apperience Program', which I'm taking through the school. But the trade I'm thinking is landscaping. My neighbour offered me a job, so I'm going to see if he's willing to help me out with RAP.

Ah, my blogging life is slowing down, don't worry, it will pick back up as I have nothing to do with my time anymore, other than farm work and helping people. So expect all the posts that I've been working on next week, hopefully. I'll try to do a picture video or an actual video. I'm hoping of having time to do the video.

Anyway, to get back on topic, what's the topic again? Oh right, on how this week went and is going. These two words 'Really Boring'. Finals really bored me, something better would be great. I've been playing on my psp lately, and on facebook I've gotten a few friends back that took me off. I've also been in some pretty bad politic debates, very bad idea. I've been working on choosing battles, which this week, I've been working on that and when to intervene in fights. I've been succeeding in that matter. Which is great. I've also been working on being peaceful, and positive. When looking at the negative points of people, or their faults. You're giving that negativity glory, instead you could be giving their positive points, values the glory. So people would act more reasonably.

Other than that what have I been up to? Well, I was helping my dear friend put his incubators together, I've been collecting eggs for my incubator that I got back, and put some eggs in the incubator (check for new posts about the countdown of twenty-one days). Today I put up the brooder, getting everything ready for chicks. I guess nowadays I'm showing more OCD, than normal (Note: I do believe I have OCD). What else is there? Working on a jeep, the job offer (I posted it up at the top), I have more thoughts on my mealworms. Right, mealworms, I got my first big  second generation. The others are growing. I have a potential buyer, that will be buying monthly. I've been looking at Deli Containers for the mealworms. I found a Eco-friendly corn plastic containers. Isn't that amazing? I'm working on a price of $9.99 for a thousand, plus cost of this Eco-containers, and shipping. Which I'll be working on shipping prices later.

I also got a email for my 'Wolfbird Exotics', including blog, birds and mealworms. The email is I'll email you as soon as I can.

Tomorrow holds many things, dealing with my birds, fixing some fences and cleaning up some horse manure. I also been requested to move some turkey's at a neighbours place. I can't wait.

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Question for the week:
If you had to choose a favorite animal, what would it be?

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  1. Favourite my favourite domesticated animal would have to be a horse or dog, and my favourite wild animal would have to be a snow leopard

  2. What are your favourite animals?