Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Mealworms are a great treat and a food source for most animals. Also used for fishing and feeding to wild birds. The mealworms are actually Larva of the Darkwing Beetle, and goes through twenty-five plus shedding to turn to the next stage. The Pupa, A dormant stage of the Mealworm/Darkwing Beetle. Just like a cocoon of a Butterfly, It doesn't eat, as its transforming into a Beetle. From Pupa to Beetles, beetles come out with their wings white,and head brown, within time they'll turn fully brown to black. When Beetles find their mate, they can lay up to five-hundred eggs.

You, just like me, can raise mealworms. Buying them from a breeder, or at a pet supply store. Mealworms eat oatmeal and bran flakes. You can use either one, or a mixture of both, Which they use it to eat and bedding to sleep and lay their eggs. For moisture, they can have veggies or fruit. I personally like using baby carrots, potatoes and apples. You will want to remove any veggie/fruit before it molds, as it can spread through your bedding, to which can cause death. You can put them in a container like a Tupperware, or a salad container. You can even use aquariums.

Once you have beetles, give it a month for checking for baby mealworms, as the eggs are micro tiny, and mealworms need to grow at a slow pace. Within a few months, you will have thousands of mealworms.
I currenty raise them for my birds. This year, I'll be expanding my farm and be able to sell some, Check out my website for when I'll have them for sale.

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