Saturday, January 26, 2013

Duck Adventures 5

What an amazing day it was. I've gotten a lot done on the 'ranch list'. So, after this long somewhat stressful day, I want to finish it off with some blog posts.

This past week has been good. The ducks are happy, I'm adding my duck call on my normal routine every day now, starting tomorrow. Since I normally deal with my ducks first (since they are the furthest). Instead of my annoying not a true duck call back to my girls, I want to make them feel like they hear the call, when fresh water and more food is coming. So when I come into the barn without the call, they don't really expect the more food and top off of water because they dumped it.

Today I've realized that my drake 'Louise' is finally growing his drake curl feather. It's hardly a curl yet, but it's just coming in. I'm hoping to get pictures of that in the next few days. With more info on it to follow. Also when I went in there with fresh water tonight, he decided that he wanted to wade in the water as he drinks it. I'm thinking shorly I'll have to move stuff around and allow them access to a bigger water body.

Dewey and Huey is doing good. Their female quack is getting louder and louder each day, and feathers are looking great. Every day I seem to expect eggs, even though I know that they won't lay eggs yet. Probably not for another month or two. I'm in the market for two more females (ducks) pekins. I think I may have a seller, I just simply have to email him.

Well, I'm going to leave this weeks adventure with that. No pictures, just straight up talk.

Until Next time,

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