Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Break

Hey all,
Just letting you know that I'm behind in posts. As I'm just finishing my Christmas week. I'll be back to mosts by Sunday. As I got a video editor. And hopefully going to be working on a video or two tomorrow and post it.

My Break it awesome, I'm still in school for only this semester. So my break started on Friday and runs to the 7th. Which allows me time to spend on the farm, birds, study for my finals. All the animals are great. The chickens are still laying and staying warm in this -20 to -30 weather. The Peacock is as well keeping warm. The ducks are great.... my cats decided that they would love Peking duck for supper. But the Ducks put that cat in its place. The Cats are getting needy as it gets colder, they need more food. Which is given. The horses are now getting put in the barn, and are getting fatter.

So, my parents and I sat down to discuss the future of the birds. It's amazing what my parents think. Plans are to start a breeding farm. We're going to be adding Pehens, more ducks, more chickens and add turkeys. We're going to sell eggs and meat.With selling the Peafowl when their 2 years old. With any extra birds will be sold, either through my website, forum or at bird sales. Well thats sorta a plan. We'll see.

Well I'll let you go. Bye for now,

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