Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life 1.5

Well, I'd like fill you into my life, as it is the end of the week. I like sharing my life. My life should be open. Isn't that the way God likes it? Although he doesn't need a social network update to see how your life, or even mine. Anyway, as I said before, this week has been a busy one. The weekend was just the same. Although I got to talk to more people this weekend, than normal.

I didn't go to church, as there were household chores that needed to be done, that we needed everybody for. My dad went to Calgary and Carstairs with my cousin. Which my dad needed that day to relax. Friday, my sister went to a school ball. Right now my life seems really boring. I had a whole post planned, but as I was writing. It suddenly vanished from my mind.

So next week, I'm starting up a new way to think of my birds. I'll be updating my website yet again. Yet I think I'm going to add more info, new photo's. I want to add new, and recent pictures all the time, and use recent, instead of using the same pictures all the time. I'll be posting dates when the pictures have been changed. What my ideas are for the birds. That's my thought on that.

Till next week,

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