Sunday, December 9, 2012

Duck Adventures 2.5

Well my last post of the Duck adventures for the week. What an amazing week it has been, although I've hardly spent time with them its going to be thrilling working on them next week.

Today, I've been researching on pekin ducks, since my ducks feet are a orange-yellow colour, and th bills are a pale pink. Which I found out what they could be, But I'm mixing them up. Although my ducks are still young, they could be either or. I'm going to be talking to a Duck experts this week on what they think, and advice.

Now next week I'm going to be cleaning their stalls, working on the duck house, and spend more time with them. I'm their Mama/papa duck, so I want them to like me. I'll be filming my process.... Hopefully posting it at the end of next week.

See ya Next week,

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