Friday, December 7, 2012

Life 1.0

Ah, My life, how busy it has been lately. This week alone as left me leaving my care for my birds on my mom and my sister. As Monday was basically the only day that I've had free, yet I was getting ready for this busy week. Tuesday, I went with my school to the West Edmonton mall (WEM). It was an amazing trip. As I wasn't able to spend alot of money, the trip alone and being with my friends was great. On Wednesday, I took my nephews home, as they were at my house from Friday to Wednesday. It was a great trip, seeing my sister and my Brother inlaw.

Thursday was supposed to be a trip to Operation Christmas Child's warehouse to organize the boxes before sending them off. Although, we didn't get that far as the jeep over heated. So we found our way back home, then headed into town in my Sister inlaw-to-be's car. We shopped a bit, then headed to pick up my brother. Today was suppose to be my relax day. Yet it wasn't that, We headed back into town to do more shopping. Wow, my family can shop til they drop.

Wednesday was also a sad day, twenty-one years ago, my big brother entered the world. A month later he died of SIDS. We honour this day as Cupcake day. As my mom didn't want to bake a cake, yet we didn't want to just forget him. So we buy or make cupcakes and sing happy birthday.

Well, a busy week, I'll try to make another post shortly.
Bye for now.

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