Monday, April 1, 2013

Life at walmart

Hey everybody, its me.
I want to say that I was extremely busy these past few days. I was working at walmart for five weeks. It was great. Working different shifts. Pushing carts, helping costumers and fellow coworkers out.

On the lsdt two weeks I was put to work with a special needs adult. The government has a law that requires every big store 'aka walmart' to hire these guys. In event if firing it may involve a law suit. Which is very stupid.

I believe that everybody should be treated equal. That's what everybody wants, and that's what God wants. Only he should be the one to judge. Which I put myself into a pledge not to judge people.

Anyway back to Walmart. The guy is completely lazy, he takes longer breaks, goes to the washroom 16+ times a day. He goes into his car and reads on company time compared to his own time.
Which the manager wanted tones what I'd do. Either complain that I'm stuck with him or just work. Which I worked, and complained to the greeters.
I thought why am I stuck at walmart, specially with him. Then I figured out why. So I started on my training. I started to make him work. I got all these good words around the store... got told I worked him hard he fell asleep on his break. On the last few days I worked there. I decided to pull a him. Be lazy watch him do calm the work... well basically him doing everything.

The managers and my fellow coworkers have missed me these past few days. Thinking how are they going to get by with out the best. Since I've been told I'm 'Master Store Standards'.

But I will leave you with that. I'm thinking on a few more posts.

Till then,

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