Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My future....

I've done a lot of thinking today. I've never had a gf, never had... relations with anybody. I've been I need a pit since the last gal who. Th I and her admitted we fell for each other,  rejected me. Since then, I've had so much spiritual growth, both as a man and as a follower of Christ. Which makes me wat to be better. Starting with my body, starting Monday, I'll be exercising, cutting a lot of junk but of my diet. To both start being healthy and start working on muscle growth. 
Next I'll be working on saving for a future trip. I'm thinking some where in Europe. Nothing in stone yet.

Not to mention shaving for a car, incubator. I still need to take care of my animals too.

Well I think that's brief enough.

Till next time,

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