Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy week!

Wow, busy week. I've already had pre-booking for next week hatch filled. With room to squeeze. I'll have chicks to sell after, but I don't want to push pre-booking too far. Pre-booking March 8th hatch will be opening, so I know how many eggs to throw in.

The turkeys have been a pain. Getting out and me getting them and the knocking stuff down. But they still great. My new horse is doing great. Her name is Teyla. Not broke, and wants to learn. Although she's very skittish, she  seems not to like men. Although I was able to walk up to her and walk her around.

I've been working on my website a bit more. Updating and everything. Taking new pictures, and switching the old for the new. I'm also getting some emails on adding reviews on articles. Which I'm working on that for here. With some other posts, and advertisement.

My brother and dad have been working on the jeep since its broken down. We have company coming over tomorrow. Life moves fast, when your having fun!!!

Well I'll leave ya at that!!!!
I have a video I'm working on, will share with you shortly!

Till next time,

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