Monday, February 4, 2013

Life 7

Oh my gosh, this week went fast! Sorry all for not blogging alot lately. I've been busy working on details for getting work, getting turkeys and we picked up a horse today. So visiting, planning and working on a fenced area was needed.
So here's a little update on my life.

This weekend I cleaned the chicken coop, and spent two hours cleaning then putting new straw in. The chickens love it! They layed eight beautiful white eggs today, and one is a double yolker. I cleaned the duck pen, they wanted fresh water again to have one of the girls blow bubbles in it. I wish I got that on camera though. Although, the ducks did get he bedding wet again.

Today is my Grandfathers birthday, sadly, he passed away six years before I came around. But I wish he was around as I've been told he's one remarkable guy. Yesterday I started reading Me To We again. Stopped on Chapter three, Now on chapter four, Very amusing. Hearing stories. I'm still planning a mission trip, when is the matter though. Today, as I said, we got a new horse. Very nice horse, roughly four to seven years old. Willing to learn, but is a bit stubborn. We're deciding a name as she doesn't come to her name now. Or respond in any way.
Tomorrow, My dad and I are picking up eleven turkey's. We got told that three have mutant coloured feathers, so she's selling them as meat instead of breeding. But a win for us, for we found out its an actual breed :) More on the horse, and turkeys later on.

My Relationship life? It's not going anywhere. My friendships are gladly growing, as I talk to more people, and I find myself more social than ever now, since using this blog, and my other blogs.Which is great. Just Saturday, I went over to a neighbour's to be pulled on a sleigh thing by a horse, so much fun.  Oh talk about Saturday, I went over to my other neighbours, to move turkey's to breeding pens, and to install a new part to replace one for his incubator. That was fun. NOT!!!

My life is falling into place, yet it saddens me to see myself, dying to have someone to call my girlfriend. Luck for me, eight-teen years, never had a girlfriend. On good record so far.

Well, I guess I'll leave you with that, other than your question for the week:

If you were to live anywhere, where would you move to?

Till next time,

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