Friday, February 22, 2013

Life 9?

Hey all,
9? wow. I haven't done anything else other than Life posts. Which I should be.

I have been overwhelmed myself with things to do. It's completely sad. I started researching a breed of chicken I want. Housing, marketing, etc to go with it. With housing, I'm going to build pallet coops, two of them hopefully. I'm working on my plans now.

We've also moved the Turkeys, ducks and spike the peacock into the same shed. Out of the chicken coop and barn. Which they love their new shed, which is bigger. My dad and I will be working on nest boxes tomorrow for them.

I've also have been blessed last week with twenty-three chicks from my chicken flock :D Their in the house, I've sold five of them already and have a few more called for. I have forty-two more eggs in on day nine I believe. All forty-two eggs are fertile and are developing. So excited. I'm looking into a new incubator, something like a ova-easy 190. As my incubator won't be able to handle all turkey, duck and chicken eggs.

I've also applied at Walmart yesterday, I managed to get called on the same day and get a interview today. Great news, I got the job WOOT! I'm so excited to go to my next chapter of work.

Well, I think I'll leave you with your question and call it. I'm working on videos, websites etc.... You'll see me very shortly.

Should I get back to posting more than one post?

Till next time,

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