Monday, June 12, 2017

Word Vomit! (Update on Moving on)

Ever had those times that when your talking to someone that things you wanted tell that person, but never had the chance to. When you actually do, it comes out all at once! You forget what you say, how you said it and their response? Yup that happened to me this past Sunday.

Hello everyone,
Yes, I'll get to my story on how my word vomit issue came up. But for our new comers, I do have to say that this is apart of a new series that I'm doing. So you may have to scroll down and read previous posts, or click on the titles: 'Moving On' and second 'Throwing Out'.

So in my last post, I mentioned about planning on talking to my pastor. Which I been wanting to do for quiet sometime now. I go there to talk to one of the four there, it's usually bad timing, or I don't have time to go there. I actually waited for an email from one as well. You have been finding out that my family is a bit crazy. Trust me you aren't wrong, lots of crazy wacky family drama. Which some may believe that it has helped with the feeling of my ex. It doesn't, I can guarantee that! It's been clouding me so I can't deal with it properly, its been to much for me.

So now, lets get back to the main topic. WORD VOMIT! I went to church this past Sunday, and I talked to the youth pastor about the upcoming service I was going to sit in, as well as his kids that he was watching running around. They had an issue with some video playing audio and not both in the first service, to which happened in the second, thankfully they were able to fix it. After the service, I went to the youth pastor and started talking to him that he figured it out etc. He then had a feeling to ask 'How is life?' So I started going off on about what life has started to look like this week, moving (How exciting) and my garden. Then I hit the surface of my issues and it came out. All at once, from my sister, to my ex and trying to work it out in my brain. He talked it over with me briefly, prayed with me and for me. Then sent me on my way, I felt so peaceful, nothing clouded me, that I actually forgot my jacket.

Since then, those topics I shared haven't bothered me. But I'm still up at night thinking, over what might be keeping me connected to my ex. Something so powerful for some women, but mainly for all men. Lust! And that will by my next post. How I will be working my way through that issue, or maybe just what I'm going through.

Until then, See you all and God Bless!

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