Monday, July 17, 2017

The Cookie jar

Growing up, did you ever reach into the cookie jar and either two things happen. There aren’t any cookies, or your mom smacks your hand? Telling you its too close to dinner and you will spoil your supper, or that you did something wrong. Told you only way to get that cookie is to fix that issue, to repent to what you did wrong. That’s been me these past two weeks.

How do I start…. Well guess I’ll start with the hand smacking. I’ve lived in this town for two plus years. I wasn’t a social person to begin with. Most would blame the fact I was homeschooled. I never give myself the opportunity to make those friends. In previously, I told you about how in my former relationship, I pushed away majority of my friends. Due to the fact of that relationship I was in. After it ended, I never felt so alone. I filled my time with more family. Which is what they are here for, and also the friends that I made in the mean time; or those who decided to hold on to me. No matter what I went through. I started to go to church more. Either my ACC (Alliance Community Church), or my parents. But I was missing something. I started to talk to my fellow youth pastor (mentioned in other posts), about what the young adults are doing. Sadly, its summer and they are off doing their own things. I kept my heart and ears open to whatever is open, or God pushes my way. To which he lead me to a launch men’s life group for the summer.

There, I met a few others in the same boat. Don’t have those friends, Christian, and wanting to grow. Sounds perfect right? I went from in the corner of the couch minding my own business, to sharing memories, sharing life. A guy even cried, and it’s the first meeting. We are doing a 33 series curriculum. I think it’s the right path for me to do. After the meeting, I was sitting at my table, the book beside me. Praying about what path God wants me to take. To which is where my hand smacking comes in…. For me to move on, and grow from this series; I need to completely repent, fix my issues with those who I do. This happens to be my grandma. I haven’t talked to her since… um, her birthday February.   Due to things that were said, and done. Two days feeling this. How do work to correcting this? By the time I feel I am prepared to do so, Its already too late Alberta time. Let alone whatever ungodly hour it is in Ontario.

Well, I think, tomorrow I’ll just call her. Get it over and done with. I’ll share with you all on how the conversation goes. I won’t go into full details, but some is better than none.

Till next time,


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