Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Catch up...

Hello Everyone,
It's been quite a bit. I have had lots happen in the short period of time I have been away.

Um, lets see what did I end off with in my posts? Ah yes... the Cookie jar.

Well, I did fix whatever issues I do have with my grandma. I still decided that limited contact with her is what I still need. As I don't want to be overwhelmed in her presents. I did actually go to Ontario on a business trip. Did some family visits, as well as a few friends. Including my 86 year old grandmother.

Um, What else..... I'm now working full time with my father. Which is an amazing oppertunity, def better than working at Dairy Queen as a supervisor. better hours, pay and working on benifits. What do I do? I am Human Resources, I hire, fire and deal with people.

I do plan on going to Africa in January. ticket is booked. I'll also have a bit more info on what the trip will look like, and what I am looking forward to. What I expect on the trip. Then I will do one after my trip on what I did for me.

Sorry for the short post. But I guess some post is better than none at all.

Until next time,

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