Friday, November 23, 2012

Duck Adventures begins

Hey guys,
Here's going to be a blog entry title called 'Duck Adventures'. Which is going to be all about my adventures on my ducks of course. I'll try to either make a daily to weekly entry on my ducks. Enjoy!

Thee Adventures of 'Wolfbird Exotic's Ducks" (also known as Noah's Ducks).

My first day with ducks, how amazing is this. I got some Pekin ducks. Just three for right now, but I'm hoping to increase my flock in a few years. But anyway, I got these little ones free, which is great. The birds are in real bad condition, the previous owners fed them Starter, which at this age, they need grower to pack on the pounds.  Not saying that the owners are bad, nor good. So my goal is to get them o pack on the pounds. I'm buying grower (non-medicated) from a friend of mine that gets it from a mill a hour down the road.

I'll be working on the duck house, which is going to be a section of on of the garages. The ducks need more warmth, due to the fact that it's getting colder, and they don't have the body weight to last the winter without a heater. Which converting it won't be a issue.

I'll have pictures up and post them by themselves.
bye for now

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