Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Next Chapter

Hey all,
So here we are, in the next chapter of my life. So I consider it a new chapter, which in that case, it deserves it a new blog. I've been lacking the focus on my other blog. No promises that it will happen here. Then yet again, I have a plan, to try to write what, and when I can. No matter on how hard it is.

Now, Let's start off with a awesome welcome. Welcome to the next chapter of my life. I turned 18 in May. I graduated, and now that its six months later. I'm not starting again, but simply opening a new chapter. I'm thrilled with this dissision and I'm proud to share it with you.

Now why is my Title 'Farm Life of a Young Adult'? Well my other one was about Me being a teenager, and now I'm on my next chapter, and I live on a farm. Its a simple title.

Now to start this blog off fresh, what screams out more then talking about my birds? So I've got twelve Danish Brown Leghorns, one bantam, one Black shouldered Pied Peacock, and soon to be three amazing Pekin Ducks. I started off with Danish Browns about six years ago, I was a beginner raiser in those days, one thing lead to another, and they died. I started out with a simple breed, the Rhode Island Reds and worked out great. Now I'm back here, with Danish Browns. I'm raising them because of the beauity of the birds, for eggs and thats it. I want to start selling these guys in the spring as well.

The Peacock is mearly for the enjoyment of the bird, the colours are to die for. The Bantam, was a christmas present. And the pekin ducks are for meat, and a introduction into raising ducks. I'm wanting to sell ducklings next year, as well as the Danish browns. But I'm also raising these guys for the eight to nine pounds of meat.

When spring rolls around, I'll be destroying all the coops, ad building new ones. The farm I'm on came with two old-ugly-rotting away coop, that haven't been used in over ten years. So I'm going to demolish them and start off fresh. I'm pretty excited.

I also raise mealworms, I bought a thousand mealworms and breeding them for treats and selling away. It keeps me busy on the times I mearly have nothing to do.

Well, I'm off for the day. I hope to post soon, maybe pictures, videos and other cool nik-naks.
Till next time.

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