Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life #:um?

It's tough to say adulthood isn't what it's meant to be. You know that saying parents say that you'll be there soon enough, and you just ignore them? I regret that. I wish I could be that age again. Living life to the fullest. Spending so much time with me siblings. -.-

It hurts me to say that with adulthood you start to leave the nest. You start talking to your siblings on their kids that you don't have anything else to talk about. Or it's venting about work, your your other siblings. It feels like yesterday, when we were all close, now I feel sick to my stomach on how much time we actually talk to each other. I bet you none of my siblings actually doesn't know my dreams, fears, what makes me happy now.l, or even laugh. 

On that note, work! Gosh I thought that life would be so easy. Set career, set house set life. What could be so easy? Wrong, life isn't easy boys and girls. You can work your whole life away. No social life other then work and sleep. I got a job at Tim Hortons and for my views that know me, I've worked there before. But now, I'm apart of the Health and safety committee, the Training committee and the Camp day committee. How awesome is that. Set for life eh? 
But why do I feel unhappy for where I am? That I'missing the big picture. 

I believe that God will show me the path but in the long run, he's handing me 5 bones and saying choose. How do I choose with out in the end, I feel like God is laughing at me?

Well I think, I'll leave it at that for now. Ill be working on part II soon.


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