Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A company

Oh gosh, I've been starring at the app for ever thing what to write for the past few weeks/months. My life has come to a interesting part. Where management/higher power/corporation starts to dictate my life, at work and my free time. My actual life and social media.  It all started with a petition, Facebook comments that lead me to the office, where two people lecture and yell at me. Dictating my life, what I post, what I should post, and threatening my future job career in town. All which is illegal! 

I've decided to go public as I will be talking to the managers and owners tomorrow. As you all know I didn't mention a company, managers, or owners names. As for a policy I signed that would if I were to, it would react in a automatic dismissal (that being mentioned in the policy). Which is sorta stupid. 

I guess I tired of the lack of freedom this company says they give. But in reality, there's none at all. The managers suck and have no professional attitude, owners see it all there and keep their eyes shut. The supervisors don't let their staff know which products are coming out, or treat us slackers with respect or even act  professional. 

The company that started so many decides is a joke. Not just to its staff/team but also it's costumers. New and old. 

Thanks for letting me vent, 

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