Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily Challenge Day #1

                                                     Seeing Red 

I have been spending many days since I decided to do this challenge wondering what to say. Usually with the excuse, I don't have time to write up a big post, or I don't know what to say. Since the days have gone by, I've been seeing a lot of red lately, which means things have provoked me into anger. When I was in grade 9, I went to a writing seminar, to teach us high school students how to right a proper essay that our teachers would like to see (or future post secondary schools).  They got us to write an essay on what and why we see red. It was an amazing out come of all of us involved.

Now, time to get back onto my main focus which is what I've been seeing red about. If everybody has been keeping up with local, social, and worldwide media about the battle between Israel and Gaza. Then it won't be a shocker when I say that many of my friends have been standing for one side, while on the other hand I've been standing for the other. Some have you might be questioning why am I posting this? or What does this have to do with seeing red? Well, I will tell you my story on supporting my side.

When Israel was recognized as its own country by the United Nations, they had a couple of issues. Between the neighbouring Arab countries and the mad Palestinians around them an out right war. Thankfully the country survived and continued. The next big battle a decide later, Israel managed to take over the Gaza strip (known right now to be the main state of Palestinians), the west bank and Egypt. After a new President came to power, a treaty between Israel and Egypt came to be. Giving back not just Egypt, but also Gaza. Although Gaza is its own governed Province, its still not recognized as its own Country and to this day still under Israel. No matter Israel, UN and Egypt say they will allow it. Gaza still answers as no, and they want Israel to burn and the Jewish people to die. Then launches a new attack on Israel. This recent attack, Hamas hit the furthest northern city in Israel. Killing children and adults, not to mention the damage done across the country. As my friends, friend's friends and family hide in the bunkers.

Recent reports shown to me by friends, show that Israel hit a UN School, and Hospital. Well my friend's in Israel sends links showing that it was a misfire of a rocket that Hamas launched. Another showing that Hamas killed 160 children as they built him Terror tunnels through Gaza and putting the blame on Israelis. Hamas soldiers beating on people as news reporters report that Israel's destruction on their homes and Beating on the owners.

As trying to show the truth that I've been shown, I've been told this:

"Noah, examine your conscience because what you are saying is not remotely Christian." Source Facebook
How do you respond to those who think that their way is best. Sadly, it doesn't matter how much you explain to them, or act in their ways. All you can do is act for yourself, and hope that they don't judge you or your ways. Sadly, this is a Judging world. All you can think and ask yourself is what would Jesus do?

Feel free to post what you think.

Thanks for listening,

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