Monday, July 25, 2016

Been a bit!

Hey to those who have cared to continue to check on my blog. I see that some of you guys still care to join me in my adventures.

There has been quite a lot that has happened in my life in this past year. Lets take some time and reflect on.
In October, I decided to join the Eckville Fire Department. It was great to be apart of something bigger than myself. To be apart of a family, knowing they have your back as you have theirs.
This this past year, quite a few of mine/Kira's friends have passed away. If you didn't know last year the Bott girls (from Withrow) passed away in a farming accident. Kira and I had the opportunity to join in for them memorial. A fellow fire fighter that we have had met at a course we had to take, his son passed away. Not only The EFD but Kira and I were able to with our fellow friend, but a brother in the FD world.

Kira's family had a tough year with family members being sick. It put a lot of strain on not only her family but also on our relationship. Thankfully we all made it out of the tough year, and we are all stronger than ever.

I got my own apartment! Ok, ok! My sister and I got our own. Sept 5 we moved in. We left my parents and temp lived with our older sister till we got our own. It was a huge step in our lives. It's been a great 10 months. Then my sister decided she needed to be completely on her own. She moved out at the beginning of this month. Now living completely on our own I could never be more excited about it.
Yet, I've been looking into moving yet again. To a better part of town. Into a newer complex. The rent would be cheaper. I also wouldn't have a shared Laundry situation. It would be in-suit. Which would be a money saver as it is.

My dad kick started his Agri-dryer. Most being direct flame, this is the first of its kind out there its forced air. I started working on this with him. with working at Dairy queen and trying to keep a social life.

Well, I guess I'll cut it here for now.
Till next time,

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