Friday, May 19, 2017

Moving On!

This is one of the hardest things that I've been through. For those who don't know my life. It's been quite a roller coaster! For those who do, Just sit tight as I share a bit of the background where I am coming from.

My life has been filled with moving from town to town. Following where the work is for my dad. From town to town to across the country. I've gone through times my family has been doing well, to broke, homeless, and completely falling apart. Over two years ago, in one of the times my family were homeless, living with my older sister for the summer till we found a new home. I started to interact with someone from school. Our friendship became serious it formed into a relationship. My first actually. With our lives moving forward, within the month of that decision My family were finally in our own place. 

I found a good job making some good money, and after winter, my family were out of the house, back living with my sister. I had to leave my job, as it didn't make sense with the gas issue going back and forth. My parents stayed three weeks  and went out camping. In that time, I found another job, in the town my sister lived. After the summer, my baby sister and I decided to move out and get a place of our own. Leaving my parents household. We got our own cars the end of winter. I had a job, car, my own place and a girlfriend where we both planned on marring each other. The months moved on, my sister and I decided to find our own places. One of the most beautiful apartments here. Before I knew it, Bills piled up, I lost my car. One of the worse things that I've lived through, but it was the start of my newest roller coaster.

When you loose something like your vehicle, it changes you in ways that can't be explained. My girlfriend and I started to fight like crazy. our two years of perfect relationship was ripping apart. Our dates started to plunder down to maybe once a month. The next thing was my apartment, which I lost. I moved in with my brother and sister inlaw. At this point, We were fighting more than we were talking. I quit my job which I hated, cause I was starting to work for my dad. We decided to take two weeks to of silence. We agreed to no communication to figure out what we wanted. in that time, I lost my only and favourite aunt. We cut the time off by a week, and we decided to cut our relationship short, but to remain friends. 

How do you move on from a relationship that you share with someone for over two years? Share your thoughts with? Share those hard times you go through, or try to forget those things that were said that conduct what your relationship were even built on? Those parts of your body you wish you would share with someone special?

I'll keep you all updated on my moving forward journey

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